Remember when your mother told you never talk to strangers? Continuing with the Halloween spirit, here is another chilling erotic tale of a girl who didn’t listen to that warning. What you’re about to read though is only the beginning.


I met the sexiest man at the club last Saturday night. His name was Mike. We really hit it off. Now, I don’t usually go back to a man’s place when we first meet, but he was really cute and really sweet, and wouldn’t take my number, saying it’s either now or never. I didn’t want to miss my chance at him. So I decide to go. It’s a bit out of the way. It’s got one of those really long driveways, where you can’t see the house at the end because of all the trees. It’s very quiet there. Once we get inside though, he fixes this by blasting some music. “Aren’t your neighbors gonna call the cops on you?”, I shout.

“Nah, I soundproofed the place, and there’s a bunch of trees between me and anyone else. They can’t hear anything!”, Mike shouts back. I nod instead of shouting a response. I follow him down the hall to his bedroom. He’s got a king size bed on the right, an old weird looking metal chair on the left with a closet behind it, and a dresser on the same wall as the door. “What’s up with this chair? Looks real uncomfortable!”

“That used to be an electric chair! People were executed sitting on that thing! Doesn’t work anymore though! Wanna sit in it? I can strap you in! It’ll be fun!”

I hesitate for a moment, noticing the frayed wire sticking out of the back of it, obviously not plugged into anything. “Maybe later!” We sit on the bed and he leans in for a kiss. Our lips lock and tongues intertwine. Mike wraps his left arm around me and starts massaging my left tit. Pulling back from the kiss he pulls my shirt right off and expertly unhooks my bra. I tilt my head back as he squeezes and sucks on my nipples. He pushes me backwards onto the bed and removes his own clothing as I remove the rest of mine, tossing them to the floor. He lies next to me and resumes sucking. Suddenly I feel his teeth as he bites down on them.”Hey!”

He smiles back at me, “Just teasing.” Then I feel his cock entering my pussy. He thrusts and thrusts until we’ve both climaxed, his cum shooting inside my wet cunt. We gaze into one another’s eyes and I break the silence, “That was very good”.

“Yes, it was.”, he smiles back, “You know what would make me really happy right now though?” I shake my head. “To see you in that chair. That image would just be so hot to me right now.” I look back at the chair, and at the frayed wire. There are no usable wires coming off of this thing, but it’s still a bit scary. “I don’t know…”

“Come on, the thing’s broken. It hasn’t been powered up since before I got it. The wire’s even completely snapped. Just for a few seconds. Please?” He looks at me with “puppy dog eyes”.

I hesitate a bit, looking back at the chair. “Ok, fine, but don’t strap me in tightly.”

“Of course!”, he smiles a big smile, obviously ecstatic at the idea.

I reach for my panties to start getting dressed first and he interrupts, with a big grin still on his face “No no… I want to see you on it completely naked.”

I nod and I step in front of the chair and lower my ass onto it. I quickly hop back up. The metal of the chair is just so cold. I lower myself again, this time expecting the cold and sitting down. “How’s this?”

“Good, good…”, as he steps over and loosely fits the leg straps around my ankles. Then he loosely straps in my left wrist. Then my right, but he pulls it really tight. “Too tight!” I tell him, completely unable to remove my wrist. I hear him laugh as he tightens the strap on my left wrist and finally my ankles. “What the fuck?!” I yell.

Mike stops for a moment, putting his hand on my chin, looking into my eyes and explaining, “Remember when I mentioned soundproofing my house? What if that wasn’t done for the music?” He smirks and binds the final strap tightly around my neck. I freeze in fear for a second, but then try to move, to shift my weight, knock the chair over. I scream a few times. But he just laughs and walks behind me where I can’t see him. “It’s bolted into the floor.” I hear the squeak of a hinge as he opens the closet door. When he comes back into view, he’s got a pair of pliers. “Who the fuck keeps pliers in their bedroom?”, I ask.
As an answer to my question, he grabs my right hand, with his left, and grips the fingernail on my index finger with the pliers. Then he rips the nail off. I scream, at the top of my lungs, followed by “HELP!!!” I let out a lot more screams as he rips off the rest of my fingernails off, moving down to my toenails. By the time he’s done, my throat hurts from screaming, all my fingers and toes hurt with my blood dripping down from them. My face is completely red and soaked with my tears. I’m still trying to scream, but it comes out very quiet. “Help, Dear God, help me.”

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I lift my head to look at him and glare at him. In a quieted hoarse voice, I reply, “You’re a sick fuck and I hope you rot in hell!”
“Heh, if there is one, sure. For now, I think I’ll just enjoy myself.” He goes back to the closet and I hear him moving things around. “I’ve got some good news though… I’m gonna’ unstrap you from that chair.” Mike comes back with what looks like a wide metal tube and a big plastic bowl. The tube has a wire coming from it. He points the top of it to me, and I see the blades inside it. “What are you going to do to me now, you sick fuck?”
He laughs, “Patience… Patience… And you shouldn’t talk so much. Your voice needs to heal from all that screaming earlier, and all the screaming you’re about to do.” With this, he bends down in front of me. I begin to hear the whirl of machinery…