Neighbor rapes a girl’s ass

I really do not understand why women are not supposed to like rape stories. I do. no matter whether stranger rape, incest, or workplace rape. And when I moved into the historic house, I live now. I found a box labeled Katie full of pictures of a girl clearly experiencing pleasure and pain and movies. The very first movie I put in was where a neighbor rapes a girl’s ass and she enjoys it. It started with…

His voice and a tight shot of Katie’s face, panning back to take in her entire body.

I could tell Katie was timid. I am sure she was easily intimidated even by even the most ordinary of people.

He untied her and permit her to sit up. “I am going to take some greater images. You, cunt, are going to pose for me’. The longer it takes you to do it right, the longer we’ll be at it. Acknowledge!”

She nodded, fearfully.

For the subsequent half-hour, he placed her through steadily greater and greater obscene poses. He started her with simply modeling, even though along with her legs open, her body posed.

He gave great instructions making it seem like she’d willingly posed for the pictures. She was fearful of him, and pliant, obedient tool, quick to obey his every lewd wish.

She stripped and dressed and stripped again for him.

Then he added toys and lust-filled expressions. She had to pose together with her legs open and a huge dildo half-buried in her snatch.

I am sure it was Katie’s desperate desire for him to leave, and knowing that she was completely at his mercy, that overcame her shyness.

At first, her humiliation and embarrassment on the filthy, obscene poses, and the disgusting matters he made her do was plain.

He ended the photoshoot wherein she pretended to be masturbating with the aid of a dildo.

Neighbor rapes a girl’s ass
Neighbor rapes a girl’s ass

He went over it more and again, insisting on the right facial expressions, at the proper grinding of her hips and motion of her body.

Then he filmed it, gleeful within the knowledge that she seemed like she was honestly jerking off.
He told her, her orgasm was pretty convincing, better than any he’d seen, and he’d seen plenty.

His voice changed into the one he had used at first to conquer her will with. Telling her the things he wanted her to say as she continued to masturbate with the dildo.

He continued to film video but no longer took photos.

She said filthy matters into the microphone as he filmed her. She admitted to having cheated at school and lusted for men and their massive cocks all of her life.

Then she professed her lust for her siblings, for her parents, she confessed to having raped her little sister, to having fucked the uncle.

Neighbor rapes a girl’s ass
Neighbor rapes a girl’s ass

She tearfully accused her aunt of having raped her with a dildo years ago,

Also, she begged to be fucked, to be whipped, to be tied and beaten and sodomized. All of it even as she pumped herself with the dildo and staring desperately into the digital cameras.

All lies but said convincingly

At this point, he came around in front of the camera and grabbed her arms. Then with the dildo still in her pussy as he pulled her to stand on the far side of the bed. Reminding her to obey him or suffer the consequences in that same voice of power and authority.

He had a heavy hook into the wall behind the bed with cuffs attached. Then cuffed her arms together and secured her to it.

The hook was high, forcing her to stand very, very straight for him. Her straight legs were keeping the dildo in her cunt.

Neighbor rapes a girl’s ass
Neighbor rapes a girl’s ass

He bit her throat, then licked her, his tongue sliding up from underneath her chin to behind her ear. Next, he twisted her till she faced the wall and he positioned a ball gag in her mouth.
Then he forced her up towards him. She whined, and the sound changed into music to his ears.

Then he pushed his pants down.

Stepping up behind her he squirted lube he had grabbed into his hand. Dropping the lube with one hand the other wrapped around his thick cock. His hand grabbed her hip pulling her ass towards him.

Her please of mercy were nearly a scream as she begged

 “NO, not my ASS PLEASE God NO!”

He grabbed her hair forcing her head back telling her to shut up she was making too much noise.

His thick fuck meat pulled lower back, then thrust furthered in her ass, starting to pump in sluggish moves, combating the tightness of her warm insides.

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Neighbor rapes a girl’s ass
Neighbor rapes a girl’s ass

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