I love anal so much that I let my new neighbor give it to me for the first time…

I haven’t even moved into my new place yet! Little did I know that I would get to have anal sex when I was dropping off my deposit. My new neighbor was dropping rent off at the same time and I caught him checking out my ass… I couldn’t help myself but give a flirtatious look over my shoulder.

He introduced himself as Tim and asked if I was new to the building. I told him that I was and that I’m still getting oriented. Stepping a little closer, I asked him if he’d like to show me around? It’s an old 1930s apartment complex with lots of hallways, filled with one bedroom studios and apartments and a shared laundry room. We made small talk as we walked through the hallways, dishing light gossip about the other tenants as he led me around. We started to make our way towards the basement so that I could see the laundry room…

He was totally flirting with me and couldn’t stop checking me out. The attention was making me so horny! When we made it to the laundry room we were all alone… I followed him in and when the door shut behind me, I leaned up against it and looked at him. I wasn’t wearing a bra that day and my nipples were so hard they were poking through my shirt. He was staring, taking me in as I looked back at him coyly.

“Are you checking out my tits?” I said.

He smiled, blushing a little. “Maybe,” he replied. I used my pointer finger to gesture ‘come here,’ and once he was close enough, I grabbed him by the belt buckle and pulled him into me. His dick was already a little hard, I could feel it through his pants. I reached down and grabbed his cock, looking him dead in the eyes as he let out a small moan. I began to stroke his cock through his pants, asking him if he’d like to fuck me.

He stuttered yes so I turned around to bend over and brace myself against the washing machine.

I commanded him to lift up my skirt, my cotton panties already soaking wet. He pulled them down and immediately started playing with my ass, massaging my cheeks and occasionally stroking my hole. I began to moan, showing him how much I liked it. He dropped to his knees and spread my cheeks to tongue my ass. He unzipped his pants and began to stroke his cock.

Finally, he stood up and I told him “FUCK ME IN THE ASS!” He lined his dick up with my hole and began to play with my pussy, spitting on his dick to lube it up. Once I was nice and relaxed, he slowly slid his dick inside of me for some anal. He began thrusting in and out until we found a smooth rhythm, banging me up against the washing machine as he fucked me. He stroked my clit and fucked me in the ass until I exploded, my tight ass squeezing down on his dick, immediately making him cum too.

Damn, it was so sexy! We laughed and I kissed him goodbye saying, “I’ll see you around!”

I can’t wait to move into my new place. How lucky am I to have already met such a HOSPITABLE neighbor?

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