Goddess Cassandra Need her XXX Ass Worship NOW!

I walked into the club and there was not much that could be seen in the likeness of worthy candidates to take home. I had on the sexiest outfit, and all eyes were on me and my beautiful ass. I was used to the ass worship, guys oogling my long stems and the delicious booty meat that sat on top of it. That is when I saw him, staring at me from across the bar. I turned my glance to the bar tender and that was all that it took. I could feel his breath on my neck.

“Allow me.” He whimpered.

“Sure.” I replied to his request. He was confident, but I knew I would break him down. I would break him down to be my rumpus loving boy for the evening, begging for a taste of my sexy ass!

As the night went on I could see that I was more then right on this one. He could not keep his hand of my rump. When I was ready to go he walked me to my cab, asking if he could share a ride with me. “Share a ride,” I questioned from him, the corner of my mouth raising slightly, “why don’t you just come home with me and we can see what kind of trouble we can get into?” That was all I had to say, he was in the cab and headed back to my place. Once we were there I left him in the living room and went back into the room to put on something a little bit more comfortable.

When I came back out wearing lingerie, a garter bet, stocking and heels his mouth dropped to the ground. I slowly walked towards him, but his jaw remained open. I placed my finger tip under his jaw and helped him snap it shut. He ran his hands up my legs and towards the back of my ass. I exhaled deeply. “Please, please,” he began to whimper, “I need it, I need to Ass Worship it.” I removed his hands and smiled wide. “Get down on the ground,” he looked at me confused as I gave him his command, ” NOW,” I shouted out.

That was all he needed to hear, he was down on his knees like a good little boy! “Do you want to sniff my ass?” as I asked him he whimpered with eagerness and replied with a simple head nod. He was like a little puppy waiting for his treat. ” Do you want to taste my ass?” His response was more eager this time. “I bet you want to fuck my ass?” He replied like I was his meal after he had been starving for weeks, “Oh please, please, please Cass!” “Cass!? You call me Cass, I believe I am much deserving of a better title then Cass. This is no time to be informal I am your GODDESS!” “Yes, yes Goddess please, I need it, I need your ass!” I walked towards him, he could barely contain himself, I told him to open his mouth and he was quick to obey.

I turned around and bent slightly at the hip and began to sandwich his face between my cheeks. He moaned as he pulled my thong to the side and began to Ass Worship. I whimpered and moaned as he cleaned me with his tongue slurping up every one of my ass juices. I smothered him with my ass pushing on the back of his head, he needed no oxygen he only needed me and every bit of my booty that I offered to him. He moved his tongue with excitement and then ran his fingers over my slit, satisfying my clit. I moaned out load, and he shared his groan in satisfaction.

 I pulled my leg up to the counter and told him to fuck me. To give me every last drop of cum and deposit it straight into my ass. The was no hesitation, only honor from his as he pulled close to my body and rammed his cock into my spit covered shit hole. I yelled out as he grabbed my hips and thrust himself deep into my ass. It felt amazing and I loved every moment of his deep pounding. When he was close to climax he begged to fill me with his load, and I was nice enough to allow him. When he was done however, he had some cleaning to do, and he sucked the cum right from my ass hole.

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