Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs : A Dark Necrophilia Sex Story

Necrophilia sex story – let’s get started with my version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! As you can probably tell from my previous rape impregnation sex interpretation of Sleeping Beauty, I don’t have many boundaries when it comes to rewriting these naughty fairy tales. So, here we go once again…

Dopey gulped as he felt something tug against his trousers. It kind of hurt, but he couldn’t avert his eyes as he peered through the door opening into Snow White’s room.

“Eat it, you filthy little Snow Slut!”

“No, please! Why are you here?”

Snow White looked scared and was certainly in danger. However, Dopey couldn’t move a muscle. He was far too occupied staring at Snow White’s creamy, thick thighs as they jutted out of her skirt. The evil queen was imposing herself onto Snow White. She had her fingers between Snow White’s legs, and every time she moved them, she gasped. Each gasp increased Dopey’s stiffness and pain.

“Guess, I’ll have to make you do things like the old times,” the evil queen teased with an evil smirk.

She snapped her fingers, and Snow White’s clothes disappeared. Dopey gulped and heard that his brothers had joined him. Snow White’s gorgeous, fluorescent skin shone under the light, and her perky nipples and pinkish cunt made every dwarf swoon. The queen did not stop there.

She used her staff to poke against Snow White’s pinkish clit. Her legs squirmed while her body convulsed widely. The dwarfs stared wide-eyed, their stumpy cocks threatening to explode. Snow White was helpless. She was being used, and all of them were too busy admiring the perfect slopes of her figure to do anything about it. When she finally came, the evil woman made her bite into an apple, making her collapse.

That didn’t stop the evil queen from continuing to fuck Snow White’s face, enjoying having necrophilia sex as morbidly as she laughed.


She had been dead for a few hours, yet warmth was not leaving her body. The dwarfs were in a far more precarious situation, however. Their stiffness had not ceased, and they were now walking without their breaches. Looking at Snow White led to increased suffering and pain, yet they couldn’t look away.

No one would admit it out loud, but the only thing on their perverted minds was necrophilia sex.

Dopey, in particular, stood right next to her coffin. He had been ever since they had placed her in there. They thought he was grieving at first, but it became somewhat concerning after a couple of hours. Sneezy went to investigate and found Dopey poking his stiff, short cock against Snow White’s breast. Her body was drizzled in cum, and his cock was blue from overuse. In spite of the disapproving murmurs in the room regarding necrophilia sex, the dumb dwarf couldn’t stop stroking his cock against Snow White’s tits.

Sneezy stopped being outraged and walked up closer to the coffin. After all, was necrophilia sex really that bad? Seeing those gorgeous curves in reach made him do the same as Dopey. It was compulsive. He had never thought about necrophilia sex before. But now he knew that his aching pain could only be eased by Snow White, and he began stroking his cock against her belly. Soon, all the dwarfs were clamoring over her.

After an hour or two of this kinky ritual, Snow White was literally covered with cum, but the dwarfs remained unsatisfied. So they began penetrating her holes, finding them incredibly moist. Each thrust elicited gasps of pleasure, and each cum shot only left them wanting more and more necrophilia sex.

Soon enough, they had removed her from the coffin and laid her down on a table with various contraptions they had built. They could shackle her arms and lay her spreadeagled or whatever else kinky position they could imagine. For the following days, they ignored any type of mining work and focused on getting the pleasures they could draw from her still, unresponsive body.

Her body stayed warm and welcomed their cocks with incredible moistness. Each dwarf got his turn with her every day, but it was Dopey who had the lion’s share. He was obsessed. He sometimes channeled an entire week’s worth of energy and cum for his treasured moments of necrophilia sex, often inviting the evil queen to come join him.

With the queen’s help, the dwarfs moved Snow White to make sure that the prince never came to revive her. They moved deep into the mines where no one could find them.

Until the end of their days, they continued to explore the welcoming body that Snow White had, with shrieks of pleasure permeating throughout the countryside. But as loudly as they resonated, the prince could never find his one true love, now reduced to a frigid corpse solely kept warm by continual necrophilia sex.

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