A naughty young girl’s adventures.

A naughty young girl always gets scolded by her parents. I got in so much trouble when I was younger, just because I was such a curious little kid. Hell, I still am very curious about a lot of things – and just as naughty. How do you think I ended up here? 😉 But really – I was a bad little girl. My parents trusted me quite a lot, and I grew up in Los Angeles, so I had a laptop sometime before middle school. It was just the tech savvy culture I grew up in, I even had a phone at the start of middle school, which was a miracle for most kids then!

With so much freedom and so much time to waste, I got bored quite a lot. So, I’d go online. Sometimes that involved talking to some pervy older men. I don’t even know how it started. I was a bad little girl, and I flipped through the TV channels & realized the “Playboy” channels were open. This was back when those porn channels had times dedicated to clips of amateur videos that people would send in. That was sometime around ~2004. Do they still have that programming?.. Either way. That was the first time I saw something really naughty, and I loved it.

I’d lock the door and just watch porn all afternoon.

Sometimes I’d even make little toys and try to actually do something with them..but it never worked. I could never get anything inside. I was too small and I didn’t realize I had to pop my hymen to actually get to the good stuff. What I did do, though.. was start going online. I spent all day in those old Yahoo public chat rooms, and sometimes I even wandered into the adult chat rooms and watched people talk. I tried to talk just like the older girls did, flirting with the guys..and I was damn good at it, too! Even when I was young, I was a little flirt 😉

As time went on, I was starting to figure out what turned me on. It all started with “truth or dare” games. A little naughty adult chat would turn into flirting, teasing, taking some dares of things to slide into my pussy (most of which I was too shy to do). I was talking to guys twice my age and pretending I was 16-19. Not like anyone back then knew the difference: there weren’t any booming social media sites I could add these guys on. It was basically all anonymous dirty talk. It felt safe and so risky at the same time.

As the years went on, I became much more flirty in person.

Seriously, do you really think I would stay a shy little kid forever? Nope! I grew older and flirtier. Just another year later, I met a girl named Ashley who turned into one of my naughtier best friends. She would go into these chat rooms with me when we had a sleepover, and we would watch guys jerk off for us. We never went on camera because we were still too shy to do that, and it might have scared guys away. Honestly, they probably would have liked it. They thought we were just some flirty sixteen-year-old girls. They’d have gone crazy they found out we were thirteen. Oh yeah, they’d blow a load in their pants.

All my naughty young girl adventures grew even dirtier as time passed. Ashley and I started flirting with guys who actually lived around us. We’d flirt with the sweet corner store owner, who was always super-sweet to everyone. He shrugged it off, of course, and just spoiled us every time we came by. We started flirting with one of the other P.E. class coaches. We thought he was pretty cute. That one kind of spiraled out of control! We were such little sluts, that we accidentally walked into his trap. Instead of two little teases tormenting their coach, it turned into two young girls fucked HARD before we even knew what was going on.

We really walked smack into that one.

However, I’d say he kind of did us a service. We really liked the way he fucked us and turned our naughty young girl curiosities into a reality. We loved it even if we were super-shy at the time. I always knew I was a little tease. I always wanted someone to fuck me hard, even now. Maybe that’s why I still love ageplay phone sex the most, out of all the taboos I love to try.

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