Teasing too much always gets young girls fucked.

Young girls fucked for teasing too much, for being little sluts, for dressing up and turning on all their friends and coaches… It’s a cliche as old as time, right? Hell, I’ve been one of these girls time and time again in my life. I have always been a little tease, ever since I was really young. I couldn’t have been more than eight years old when I started flirting and teasing and playing with the boys next door. It was all innocent fun, of course. There was no end-goal and I didn’t want to fuck them. I simply enjoyed the attention they gave me, and they never stopped giving it as long as I was playing with them.

The innocence quickly spiraled away and I turned into a little slut. After all, I had access to the Playboy channels in the television that I had in my room. No one really knew about it, and nobody thought I was naughty enough to find it and keep watching. Of course, I was always a little devil from the start. So, it’s no surprise that I would watch the amateur porn videos that they displayed, and learn how to play with myself from them as well. Hell, that’s how I started learning a lot more about myself and even tried out first time anal.

Then, the real fun started.

Ashley was my best friend at the time. She was this tall, thin, curvy little Mexican girl that I befriended in elementary school. Together, we were the classic, pretty, bitchy little flirts that tormented all the boys. It just got even worse in middle school because everyone started wearing skimpier clothes. My school held many dances. We always went and took advantage of all the boys that were there to dance and enjoy their time with us. On top of it all, we were given more freedom to dress up. As it was, I was already allowed to wear short shorts and tank tops. I was living in Los Angeles! The blazing heat was my excuse for a lot of skimpy clothing, and nobody around me really cared.

Now, put two and two together. You have these gorgeous, young, flirty little Latin girls who are growing used to their newfound freedoms and skimpier clothes. Next, you add in our very-flirty P.E. Coach. Mr. Salazar seemed like a decent, sweet, caring guy. He wasn’t our coach, but he was in charge of a different group of P.E. classes. He wasn’t directly in charge of us, so of course, Ashley and I were always flirting a little extra with him, because none of it could blow back on us. We didn’t have to talk to him every day or have him grade our tests… So what was the harm in it?

We were running rampant.

I’d roll up my little uniform basketball shorts so that they were practically short-shorts. The shirt would be tucked in as well, outlining my little waist. Ashley did the same with everything, especially when we had a reason to go bug him about something. Often times, we flirted with him right after leaving our locker room, because his office was right beside both the male and female locker room exits. We had the perfect opportunity to tease him at every step of the way, and one day we got an even better chance. It was almost like we were trying to end up in those naughty porn videos of young girls fucked by their P.E. coaches… The thought was in my mind, but Ashley didn’t know I wanted to take it so far.

That is, until one day our own teacher was out sick, so Mr. Salazar had to take over for our class. The female coaches all went out for their lunch break and they weren’t around to help us. Unfortunately, Ashley jammed her locker when she went to unlock it. The clothes were all stuck inside. She sat by and waited while I went to go get help, since I’d already swapped to my regular clothes… The coach grew far too amused when he saw me run out asking for his help, and inviting him into the lockers. It’s like he got a play-by-play fantasy in his own head before I even did anything.

He knew exactly what I wanted.

I wanted him, and so did Ashley. I’d seen so many porn videos and voice clips of ageplay phone sex on my laptop and on the TV, that I wanted to try it on my own. When I led him into the empty locker room, we sat around for a bit while he jimmied the door open and liberated all of Ashley’s things. He opened it and she was so happy that he fixed it, that she ran in for a hug. Of course, Mr. Salazar got a little handsy and his hands went right to her ass.. but do you think she minded it? 😉 Do you think minded it?

We wanted him, deep inside our dirtiest little fantasies that we couldn’t tell anyone. How far do you think we let him go? Just two sexy little sluts.. two young girls fucked for turning their coach on so damn much.

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