There was a time before I worked as a phonesex operator that I was hard up for money and needed something to help pay my bills.
I started waitressing at a small restaurant in the city.
This is definitely not what I wanted to do but what the fuck?
Thank God I’m hot because the tips I got were great!
Besides the tips, the other perk of my job is getting to flirt with all the hot customers, but as soon as Jake started working at the restaurant, my eyes were totally on him. He had just started a few weeks back and every other waitress was trying to nab him. I played it cool and pretended I wasn’t interested, until one night where we were both scheduled to close. As soon as the last customer left, all of us started to clean up. He and I were supposed to fill clean all the tables and the entire time we were flirting and joking around. I unbuttoned a few of my top buttons on my shirt to show off some cleavage. It must have worked because he definitely noticed.He couldn’t take his eyes off off my tits. A few moments later he kept purposely trying to touch my hand.
We took our time and were in our own little world that we didn’t notice practically everyone leave. So when I went back to get my things, he followed me. Only two people were left in the kitchen and there weren’t paying attention so we quickly hid in a storage closet and started making out. It was a hot summer day and the closet was sort of stuffy, but we didn’t care. He then started to unbuckle my pants and rubbed his hand over my pussy, teasing me before he entered his finger inside my already wet pussy. As he was banging me, I went straight for his rock hard cock and started to stroke it. This went on for a few minutes until he banged me so good that I came.
By then it was super hot and we were drenched in sweat, so we decided to take our clothes off and fuck right there in the storage closet where we kept all of the dried food goods for the restaurant. I pinned me against a cabinet and

picked up by my ass as I jumped and straddles him. As he fucked me, I grabbed his ass as tight as I could and then began to spank it. I’m guessing his arms might have gotten a bit tired carrying me because before I knew it, he had let me down and quickly turned me around for doggy style. As we were standing facing the cabinet, with him penetrating me from behind, his finger made his way to my pussy again and he began to stimulate my clit, making me moan in ecstasy. To my surprise we both came at the same time, with his cock throbbing inside of me as he blew his load, intensifying my own orgasm.
It was the best night at work and was actually was the first of many others. We always made sure we worked the late shift for a bit of action in the storage closet!
It has been a while since I waited tables and I don’t plan to go back to that. I love working as a Phonesex operator..I get to cum as much as I like!


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