Working at the local Gym had its perks I got to work out anytime I wanted too. Actually, my job paid me to work out. I taught classes & showed Clients how to use the equipment. I was a Petite Dirty blonde. Five four, One Twenty-five Green eyes & 34 E’s. I didn’t have any problem’s getting looks. However, I was there for work.  I was there working out & Coming up with new work-out routines. Either way, I was at the Gym a lot. I have been sweaty & Hot all day & couldn’t wait to get out of these Used Dirty Panties!

I was in a Work out class when I saw this hot guy walking by. In the gym. It’s kinda a given that happens a lot. However, this guy caught my attention. Something about his walk. He wasn’t the average Gym Rat. Yes, he had the muscles the looks But you could tell he was quiet & not looking for attention. I thought to myself as I was showing the ladies how to extend their quads, I was gonna meet this guy.

Showering Delight

I went into the shower room & grab my duffle bag as I walked to the shower. My shower felt amazing. Oddly enough in the shower, I could hear in the Men’s room A guy Having Hot Phone Sex which got me turned on. The gym had these new of the art Showers that had shower heads all down the walls. The hot water hitting all the right spots. I couldn’t help sliding my fingers down my body & rubbing my sweet button.

Feeling that hot water Messaging my muscles & lightly rubbing my clit. I let my mind take me away to that hot guy walking by my class. Imagining it was his fingers work my hot box. His touch where the water was caressing my breast. I could feel his Lips & tongue working my mouth. As I felt my cunt start tightening up. I let my climax take me. Releasing the flood of delight.

My shower just became magical. I finished up & grabbed my towel.

Wrapping my towel around my body & grabbing my hairbrush an hair dryer & hair products. Go over to one of the many mirrors & do my hair. After my hair was done I started to get dressed. Noticing where are my thongs? I started looking everywhere. My bag, My locker even the shower. However, they were nowhere to be found. Good thing I was wearing workout shorts today & could go without them. I didn’t think of it anymore & just wrote it off as being weird. I had to hurry I had a client coming in 10 mins. That little fun on the shower was making me late.

I get out to the front desk & hear 3 other ladies had lost their panties. Now, this was getting very odd. Nothing but our panties were gone. Who was this Used Dirty Panties Thief? I couldn’t do anything about it right now, because the Cute guy that walked by my class was coming up to the desk. He was my client. This was gonna be fun! I saw his name was David on my paperwork & introduced myself.

He was wanting good work out for his abs. Which happened to be something I loved watching guys do. I started him out on the rowing machine. He was nice.  I learned he worked third shifts at a new plant here in town. He just moved here from Kentucky & was looking for a new gym. I have to say I was getting very smitten with David. Nice Job, Cute & the way he worked out I could tell he was determined, guy.

David came to the gym every day.

I noticed he’d started to come in on my downtime. Most of the time he would go do his routine. However, every day he’d make time to come to whatever machine I was on. I’d always catch him looking over at me too! One day He asked me to go get lunch with him. Deciding to go I walked over to the front desk to grab my purse. Once I was there the manager came out & asked if I had seen anything. Panties had come up missing again. This was the fourth time this month that this has happened. This was becoming a serious problem. This Used Dirty Panties Thief was gonna have to be found! I told him I hadn’t seen anything & met David at the door.

David asked if I just wanted to head to his apartment that he had some Amazing fish come in from the market today. I agreed I felt I knew him well enough & he lived in a good area. Why not? So I followed him to his apartment. We got there & went inside. His apartment was very impressive for a single guy. He started the fish & we talked over his kitchen counter. He made a delish meal & served wine. I got a little tipsy. Once I felt his hands reach around my neck I couldn’t help to lose control & go with the seduction. Lifting me off the chair & carrying me to his bedroom. Laying me back on the bed as he slides his face between my legs. Feeling his soft sweet tongue lick my clit. My juices started to flow.

phone sex kingdom

I wanted David & I needed to feel him inside of me.

I pulled him my body & reached down to pull his cock out of his jeans. His cock was rock hard. From what I could tell I nice thick cock. As he unbuttoned his jeans. Pulling them off. Taking the tip of his cock teasing my cunt. He was already topless. I took that off him as he was carrying me to the bedroom. I felt his big mushroom head push past my pussy lips. Stretching my cunt every inch of the way. I began to wrap my legs around his back as I felt he still had underwear on. He pushed deeper inside of me. It took my mind as he was feeling my tight pussy with the sweet meat I have been craving.

Fucking the Used Dirty Panties Thief

Seducing my Fuck box over & over with his cock. I couldn’t resist losing control. As I flooded his cock with my sweet juices. I didn’t want him to stop as I wrapped my Legs around him more. Trying to pull down his underwear. He pushed my hands away. But wait! They weren’t regular underwear. They were lacey. WTF? I looked over my shoulder & saw they were my Missing thongs! He was fucking me with my thongs on! David was the Used Dirty Panties Thief. However, I couldn’t stop He had engulfed me. I couldn’t resist wanting him to pound me more. I wanted to feel his cock explode deep inside my slutty cunt.

He had started to pound me harder & harder.

I knew my sweet reward was going soon. Him wearing my Thongs was kinda turning me more one too. As I arched my back pushing the flood onto his cock I felt him twitching. Exploding that creaming load inside of me. I shock & left my body as the wave of delighted took over me.

After that day I started seeing David regularly but I agree he could just keep the Used Dirty Panties I wore over to his house. From that day on no panties were ever stolen from the gym. No one knew David had a Panty Fetish. I think David got everything he needed. I sweet hot box & her thongs to wear afterward.