My Brother’s Panty fetish was out of hand! I always knew my brother was a pervert. A panty fetish cum lover sick fuck who knew! Well that was a surprise. In our teenage years I would always lose panties. One day my brother bent over and I saw him wearing my panties. I’m like wtf bro! So I wrestled him to the ground. Sat on his chest and told him to start explaining. I had just finished up on the treadmill. So I was all sweaty wearing loose fitting shorts. I saw him trying not to look in my shorts.

Panty Fetish 333333333333

He was breathing in my musk and in heaven.

He told me he’s been taking and wearing my dirty panties. Especially the ones from when I come home from my boyfriend’s. He’s even taken my mother’s. Sick fucker! I made him take his pants off. Took him upstairs to tell our parents about his panty stealing. Our parents were playing cards with friends. I paraded him In front of everyone. He just stood there with a rock hard cock. Soon as my mom asked about the behavior he came into those panties. I can’t believe that sick fucker stood in front of my mom dad and their friends with a Rock hard cock.


He even got off!

Obviously, that never stopped my brother because everytime my parents had friends over. He would walk around in a pair of Panties. I think he liked the snickers of my Parents telling their friends he was just a Sissy panty thief to them. I’d see him in his room with a pair of my mom’s panties jacking his cock. With each stroke saying he was a Sissy panty boy. I have to tell I would not walk away. I kinda like seeing my Brother stroke his cock with panties. Even to the point, I would go rub my pussy after watching him, As the years went on he would continue stealing panties. He would hide in my closet watching me get fucked by my boyfriends. I would always make sure I left my used Panties on the floor for him. Later I would get the enjoyment of watching him cum.


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