Naughty sissy lingerie is really just women’s lingerie.

It gets turned into naughty sissy lingerie by sissy boys like you. That’s right. From the moment I saw you enter our lingerie boutique, I could tell you weren’t shopping for your lover. Even as the lies poured out of your mouth, I knew the truth. But I’d let you keep your secrets to yourself…for now.

My coworker, Sam, almost got to you first, but luckily another customer was holding a very, very expensive corset. As she made her beeline away from you, I took a big breath through my nose. Mmm, I could smell a sissy from a mile away. You didn’t look lost, like most boyfriends or husbands do. No, you looked like you knew exactly what you were browsing for. But you were nervous. as you looked for naughty sissy lingerie.

Even without my gift, those shifty eyes might have given you away as some sort of fetishist. Either way, I knew I could help you become the bimbo you so desperately craved to be.

Finding the perfect panties.

When I walked up to you and introduced myself it was like you snapped out of a trance. The flush of red that crept up your neck was really adorable but ultimately unnecessary. I would never judge you for shopping for naughty sissy lingerie.

“Are you looking for something comfortable, cute, or slutty?”

I was patient as you stammered through your embarrassment, though I was relieved when you finally were able to answer. With your eyes on the rack of panties, I heard you mutter a low “slutty”. I just looked at you. It broke my heart that a sissy was participating in something that should be fun and exhilarating but was too oppressed to even enjoy it!

At that moment, I knew I had to turn my energy up to 11 so my Lost Boy could get the experience he deserved. I knew you might panic and flee if I even hinted that I knew your secret though. So I pretended it was for your lover.

Pussy lips

“Oh, hun! I’ve got some really over-the-top ensembles that will make any girl feel like a sexy vixen, so let’s look over here! Does your lady have fat pussy lips? Oh, don’t look at me like that! Some girls need a little extra room in their panties for those puffy outer lips.”

At first, you looked like you wanted to ask for my manager, but with one little white lie of an explanation, it melted into relief. True, profound relief. You had you out: a way to get the naughty sissy lingerie that actually fit. I took you by the arm and led you to one of my favorite racks. A rack personally stocked by me, intended especially for my sissies.

“All of these panties and panty sets will fit even the puffiest pussies, AND they have elastic bands covered in super soft fabric, so you don’t have to worry about sizing, really. Here, check this bright pink one out. See the extra room? It extends to about a quarter of the way up the butt crack.”

I hand them to you as I flip through the rack looking for something really racy.

Planting ideas

“Ah, this is the one I thought of the moment I saw you. I bet your girl has a big ass and tiny tits, though. This is about a D cup, but don’t worry we have some very realistic inserts that I’m sure she won’t mind wearing for a slutty evening with you.”

I lift the hanger up, showing you a sexy little strappy number. It’s a one-piece made of tiny silver chains and pink ropes. I run some measurements in my head as you practically drool over it. It’ll fit you.

“See how these straps will drape across her tummy? It’s going to make her look a bit curvier at the hips and this bit here across the tits will hide the inserts perfectly! Oh my god, she’s going to look so sexy in it!”

With the biggest genuine smile on my face, I put it in the basket you’re carrying. There’s no way you could resist that naughty sissy lingerie. Helping you shop feels almost like giving some hot lingerie joi. The way I move my hands over the fabric, drawing your eye, has you intoxicated.

I lead you over to the inserts and we pick out a D cup that matched your skin tone. It seems like a little thing, but giving a sissy tits for the night can make all the difference!

Checking out

With your selection made, you head to the counter. Gently lifting the delicate lingerie, you smile and look me in the eye as you hand it over. You’ve made such wonderful progress, my dear. I ring it up and gingerly wrap it in tissue paper before putting it in a cute bag. Before I hand it to you, though, I slip a black business card into the bag.

It’s just got my name and number on one side, and the words “Sissy Phone Sex” written on the other. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll call.

I slowly hand your bag over, thanking you for your purchase. I turn around and pretend to be busy as you’re walking away, but at the last second I say,

“It’s going to look great on you, hun, I promise.”

Teen Phone Sex