You need some hot lingerie joi!

And I’m just the woman to give it to you. Between my silky stockings and juicy tits, you’re going to love every second of our hot lingerie joi. I might even treat you to something special if you’re a good boy…

I come in looking like your most erotic dream made flesh. Your eyes roam over my body as you try to absorb every taste detail. Do you like the way my silky black bra cradles my tits, or are you more entranced by the lace that dips between them? I look like a present just waiting to be unwrapped, but you don’t get that privilege.

You wish you could touch just one inch of my stockings, lick just one nipple. That’s not going to happen though. You’re going to sit down and take that cock out. Over there.

Tonight you watch.  

My red stilettos shine brightly as the last rays of sunlight peak through the window. I see you staring, so I kneel, running my fingers up the supple leather. This is my hot lingerie joi, and I want you to see everything.

My finger guides your eyes upwards as it glides from leather to nylon. My thigh-high black stockings make my legs so smooth and soft. Next, I move my finger inwards, heading to my inner thigh. Stroke your cock for me, babe. Show me what I do to you. That’s it! Up and down, just like that. But not too fast! Don’t rush it.

I press my finger into my black lace panties, distracting you while my other hand reaches behind my back. This hot lingerie joi needs a little toy action to get you pumping. While you watch my panties turn even darker as my pissy juice soaks them, I pop my dildo into my mouth.

I suck harder and harder until you can’t help but pull your eyes away from my finger.

My eyes are glued on your hand, and the moment you see my thick pink dong it clenches around your cock. That’s what I want. Stroke it faster. Make that drop of precum grow! I want you to stroke it until it explodes! Not yet, though. You’ll know when it’s time, just enjoy the ride for now.

I take the dildo out of my mouth and lower it to my pussy. You wish it was your cock wetting the outside of my panties, don’t you? That’s right, pump that cock harder! Imagine how soft my hands would feel wrapped around your shaft and how fucking wet the tip of your dick would be, rubbing against my dripping panties! But you aren’t going to find out today!

I push my tits out over the silky cups of my bra.

The black lace peeks out from beneath them highlighting how plump and round they are. My nipples harden in the cool air, and I see your hand convulse on your dick again. Pump it faster. I want you to pump so hard that I can hear it on our fetish phone sex call!

Your eyes roam, trying to take in everything as you pump and I can see your desperation. You want to jump up and cum all over my lacy panties. It’s written all over your face. But you know better. You know your place in this hot lingerie joi, so you focus your eyes on my hands and match rhythm.

The way my hands move over the pink dildo faster and faster have you lost. Up and down, up and down. That’s it. My tits jiggle as I give my dildo the best handjob of its life. They sway and bounce, catching your eyes again. But how long can you appreciate them? The answer is, not long at all!

I see you tense and watch as you lose your mind. String after string of jizz flies through the air only to land right back where it started: all over your cock and balls.

It’s the perfect ending if you ask me. A dirty boy covered in his mess always brings a smile to my face! But don’t think I’m done with you. You may have blown your load for now, yet there are still so many more ways I want to tease you.

If you were hoping I’d make you eat your own cum at the end of our hot lingerie joi, then make sure you check out my cum eating hypnosis. I have a feeling you’re going to love it!

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