My boyfriend, Alejandro and I love living on the edge. He and I like to rob the wealthy here in Florida. We consider ourselves the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, only cooler. We are naughty sexual robbers. I love wearing all their fancy jewelry while fucking my guy. The best part is making these wealthy pigs watch us doing it.

He is a master at breaking into homes. There isn’t an alarm system he can’t crack. His technical skills are incredible. Of course, his sexual skills are amazing as well. When we are fucking in front of the people, it is such a rush to know I am wearing their precious jewels and nothing else. These people are so uptight and square. I love the looks on their faces as he is bending me over them.

Being Naughty Sexual Robbers is exciting.

Of course, my Bilingual JOI Phone Sex is hot too. Guiding my callers through their jerk-off instructions in English and Spanish is sexy, right?! I think most of them are getting turned on just listening to me speaking in Spanish. I find it super sexy to guide a man through masturbation. Hearing your breathing changing as you are getting closer to cumming for me.

Then, there is my mean side that comes out for Spicy Latin SPH! Helping a man realize he has the tiniest of dicks and is a waste of human is space is my destiny. Especially men that think they are God’s gift to the Earth. I love breaking them down and gobbling up their souls. When they leave our session, they know their true worth and that they are really nothing but sad little losers.

Okay, I may get into the wild side of things more than I realize!


When Alejandro and I are picking the houses we are going to rob, we like to choose a house with older people. We love the fact that they will be freaked out by our sexual activity. They are not expecting naughty sexual robbers and when the fun begins they are extremely shocked and freaking out. Seeing an old lady and her look of disgust is a real thrill for me.

Then, rubbing my perfect young titties on her lips is even more fun. Alejandro likes making her suck his cock. I have her most expensive necklace on my bare skin as he is kissing all over my body. Then as he is titty fucking me that necklace is bouncing away. Usually, the old men are hard as a rock watching the dirty sex we are having.

Sometimes, Jamie slides his finger between the old broad’s pussy lips to see she is dripping wet.

It is funny as he licks her juice off his finger. Additionally, he will spread her legs and run his young tongue between her pussy lips making her moan with pleasure. If I am feeling really naughty, I may slide the old man’s hard pecker inside my sexy tight pussy. Some of them cum almost instantly. It is as if they haven’t been in a good pussy for so long, they can’t help themselves.

To really freak them out, Alejandro will clean up their cum out of my pussy. Oh, the fun we have. See, I told you we are way cooler than the old Bonnie and Clyde. We are the naughty sexual robbers that the wealthy dream of being robbed by. I know they are scared but this is the most action most of them have seen in a long, long time. Jamie never fucks the old ladies unless they ask for it.

Yes, we have had them beg for it.

At some of the robberies, the couples have gotten so into the sex we are having they ask to play with us. They don’t try anything or call the police. All they want is to have amazing sex with two young sexy people. Have the time, they show us hidden items of jewelry worth more than what we have found. Alejandro and I love this gig and love when the old buggers enjoy fucking us too.

Kinky right?! Would you be a good boy and not hurt them? What do you think about our naughty sexual robbers? Do you want to come and play with me? Call me now!

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