Naughty sexual fetishes are such a wonderful way to explore a different kind of kinks. The important thing to remember is that kink is about consent, communication, and compromise. There is nothing better when you have the other party get into it as much as you do. I have thought of the most naughty sexual fetishes I can think of, I want to know which one is your favorite

Naughty sexual fetishes can be so much fun.

Keep in mind these are some of the fetishes and/or kink that I have come across and some that I have experience in my own personal sex life. Once you are done reading through my list of naughty sexual fetishes, make sure you call the hottest Latina phone-sex operator and tell me which one of your top favorites.


Is the fetish when you want to be choked to the point of having a lack of oxygen. Some say that your orgasm is more intense when you experience that lack of oxygen.


This is a form of roleplay that one or both parties pretend to be (and get off on being) an age other than their own. Chances are you’ve already experienced what could be considered ultra-lite age play if you’ve ever called a partner “baby” in bed. This is my favorite by the way!


I believe that sometimes restrictions are a good thing; especially when the restrictions are chains, ropes, handcuffs, and gags.

Cum Eating

Is when you get turned on my the taste of cum. It could be your cum or someone else cum.


Is when you like to expose yourself it can be done at a parking lot, busy rods, or standing in front of your window to know your neighbor might see you.

Foot Fetish

David gets it, don’t you? Foot fetish is when you have sexual arousal to feet including shoes. Take David for example he loves sniffing and licking my feet especially when I have been wearing my clogs for hours on end with bare feet.


Getting it on with more than four people at one time might be the only way to get it up for some people (the more the merrier)


nylon Fetish- yep as in tights- often accompanies a foot fetish. With this fetish, you enjoy the look and feel of toes, feet, and legs wrapped tightly in nylon stockings. You might want to smell the nylon or have them shoved in your mouth.


This is when giving up control is a turn on for you. Sometimes is fun to give control to someone else and let them do all the thinking. It can be something as vanilla as letting me control your orgasms. Or as extreme as allowing me to REALLY do whatever I want.


Better know as small penis humiliation is a form of verbal erotic humiliation involving the penis where a dominant person (me) usually consensually degrades a submissive’s penis. The bottom line you have a small dick and I humiliate you because of it.

So, tell me which one of my Naughty Sexual Fetishes is your favorite. Call the best phone sex!