Do you dream of eating your cum or anyone’s cum? I am sure it might make you a bit embarrassed to share your desires with your significant other, but the thought of eating cum whether it is yours or someone else’s cum gets you hot. I am sure that the times you are alone and you are jacking off but you could never really go through it all the way. No worries! That is where I cum in (lol, no pun intended). With my Beginners Cum Eating Instructions, you will be on your way to discover your new diet.

I’m here to help you make your dreams come true.

I bet you want to taste cum but chicken out every time. Want to feel hot, milky cum sliding across your tongue? Wanting to smell it, want to taste the sweet and salty taste is completely natural. I want you to lick your cum from your lips as you cum harder than ever. I am sure that you want a mouthful, I know you daydream about a throbbing cock bursting into your mouth. You want it all over your hard cock… dripping down your chin….sliding down your ass. After all, you are reading my Beginners Cum Eating Instructions blog.

It’s okay to be a cum whore.

You can have all the cum you want and desire, I am going to help you but, it is going to take some planning. The first step of my beginners cum eating instructions is… you will need a little pill plastic dispenser you know the ones that you get from your pharmacy. The orange ones with the white lid. The bigger the bottle the better. Throughout the week cum in the bottle as much as you can every day. make sure you save the last drop even the pre-cum. Don’t spoil your appetite and wait all week. Every time you cum in the bottle stick it in the freezer to keep it fresh. That will keep the sweet and salty flavor and that creamy texture you want so bad. At the end of the week, you’re allowed to have your treat. All you have to do is take a shower get all clean. Then microwave your cum for a few seconds and finally call me.

Smell the cum while you stroke your cock.

Rub a little on your lips, I promise you will love how good it is. Now, this is the time that you make yourself wait. trust me it is worth it. I want you to get so hard you can’t take another second. When you get to that point I want you to start pouring that sweet sticky, salty, milky, gooey precious cum all in your mouth. Trust me you are going to feel so hot you will want to cum right away. But, resist and wait, I want you to savor that cum. Feel cum roll-off your lips and down your throat. You will have more than you know what to do with it. I want you to use some to stroke your cock.

Now that you are part of the cum eating club thanks to my Beginners Cum Eating Instructions

You now can shoot your hot, fresh steamy load into your mouth. Isn’t yummy tasting all the cum while you release yourself? Imagine how great it would be if you would be tasting another man’s cum. With my help, you will be a cum eating little slut. You will crave cum with every meal. Your cock will ache to taste cum while you release yourself. If you need it you can cum in my hole and fill me up and it will my pleasure to squeeze it right out of my freshly fucked pussy and feed it to you. The possibilities are endless.

I prefer when I make you a cocksucker who has to blow him until he cums in your mouth.

I want you to feel his cock throb in your mouth. Feel how his cock pulsates in your mouth and you can feel his balls getting tight. I want you to get excited to know that you are about to drink his load right out of his cum hole. I want to see him shoot that big creamy cum load down your throat. While he is feeding you and you are gulping down that creamy goodness you will cum without having to touch your cock. To tell you the truth there are so many ways to have you eat cum. It can be straight from the source or maybe I make you eat my cream filled panties. Let’s see which one will work for you.


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