When you watch porn doesn’t it turn you on to see all those sluts slurping down all that cum? You can tell they crave it. They need it. It’s their fix as they are obviously addicted to cum. They also know it makes you lose your load watching them. That really makes them hungry for it. Perverts getting off watching them gargle & swallow. Good to the last drop. I will have you turn into a cum eating addict before this blog is over!

But maybe you want more than just to watch.

Maybe you want the experience. The wanting, the anticipation, and finally the adrenaline rush of joining the cum eating addicts club. If you dare to venture into the unknown you will do one of two things. There will be no confusion, no in-between. You will either run away like a little scary-cat or you will have become a cum eating addict. You will know once you get your first taste.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to wonder “what if” for the rest of your life or are you ready to take a trip with me? I will help you, instruct you, guide you. But be warned, I will guide you firmly. My rules. Which means there are no rules. we can go slowly if you want. One step at a time. Let you catch your breath. Keep you from being overwhelmed. But I say fuck that my little sweet thing. We are going to get that virgin mouth of yours revved up. No breaking you in slowly. You just do what you’re told and hang on. By the way, are you ready for some cum flavored lip-gloss? You will never know what to expect. I crave variety, and you will too! I will make you realize that cum eating is for any and all occasions.

Now let’s see….. Where to begin?

You will be at your office in the early A.M. Go get your coffee – black! Go back to your office and lock the door. You re going to jack off, with me on the phone with you, until you put the cream into your Java! Drink your initiation to cum eating. But what to do at lunch? Open the sandwich you brought and put “you” mayo on it. You will be telling me all about your 2nd taste. Is that the dinner bell? You at home now. See that salad? Put your semen dressing on it. Enjoy! Well, we can’t go to bed without a nightcap. Pick your drink of choice and add a sperm twist to it. Sip it, slowly! Savor it! If you have gotten this far there is no doubt – you are a cum addict getting ready to have a lot of “cumming” out parties. You will toss & turn all night dreaming of tasting, eating, swallowing that beloved cum. Being a cum eating addict is hard work is a 24/7 job.

I will reward you by letting you cum on my tits while I slide my finger into your tight ass.

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Bring your best buddy over. I am going to start sucking him off. He’s so turned n he doesn’t even mind when you jin me. I can feel his ass contracting around my finger as he dumps in your mouth. Don’t spill any! It all goes down the first time cocksucker’s throat. You’ve just added “throat yogurt” to your diet. A diet of addiction.

The perverse cum eating addict scenarios I have in store for you will drive you out of your mind.

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When you call me you might want to have your balls tied up & a cock ring on. I don’t want you to nut too quick! Of course, it is obvious how you would clean the mess up you dirty little fuck! I love this nasty shit! I want you to tell me you are a cum eating addict thanks to me. Let’s share ideas and get off together.

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