Naughty Sex Stories of a Slutty Catholic School Girl, Part VI

Naughty sex stories and confession tales of a naughty Catholic school girl: It’s time for part 6!

After Dad hit me and finger fucked me, I ran all the way up to my room. In there I found some large t-shirts folded on my bed. There was a note on my bed stand, which read, “Carmen you probably want something other than your uniform to wear around the house. Love, Dad.” I was super happy and immediately put on a baggy t-shirt before running downstairs to give Daddy a big hug.

Dad gently squeezed my ass and this time, I didn’t mind one bit!

Of course he realized I hadn’t even bothered putting on any panties. So he quickly proceeded to start rubbing my clit and sliding a few of his fingers inside my tight little pink pussy.

Who knew my Catholic girl naughty sex stories would begin to turn into incest sex stories! I for sure didn’t mind one bit!

That night we had dinner together on the couch, then watched a movie. Dad gave me another few good orgasms before I went to bed.

Dad was right – catholic school wasn’t so bad after all. Of course I would still get sent over to Mother Superior and Father Henry here and there. And let me tell you, Father Henry definitely got a lot bolder! He wouldn’t even try to hide the fact he was stroking his cock while Mother Superior spanked me with her stupid yardstick. Then he had no shame slipping his hands into my panties in front of everyone. It didn’t take him long to pull his cock out and slide it right inside me while shouting what a bad slutty little girl I was.

I started looking forward to being sent to Mother Superior’s office, and so did a lot of the other girls!

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