Naughty school girl getting her grade report…

As she looked at those grades on that paper, she felt her heart drop. She knew she couldn’t go home and show this to her dad! She sat outside on the grass of the school grounds during lunch, staring at the D’s and F’s screaming at her. As a result, her brainstorming led to a naughty idea! She was about to show her professor how much of naughty school girl she really was for him! He would never be able to resist her sweet perfect body, nobody could resist. I love Adult Chat!

Next, she grabbed a strawberry from her lunch bag and took a juicy bite, she let the sugary juice soak into her lips. Her lips were a sweet seductive red, it was time to find her professor. Then, she hiked up her plaid naughty school girl skirt. Luckily, she was already wearing a slutty black thong. Also, her black socks went just above her knees. As she walked down the hall, boys stared as she tied up her long hair. Finally, she reached her professor’s class. Then, nobody seemed to notice her anymore, she put her head down and turned the knob open.

Her professor was sitting at his chair behind his desk grading papers.

His head looked right up at her the moment she walked into the room. She was relieved to see that he was alone. He asked if she needed anything and she smiled, locked the door and nodded. She could see the confusion in his eyes when she locked the classroom door behind her. She insisted to him that the matter was very secret and urgent. The naughty school girl walked over to her teacher’s desk and traced her fingers along with his name tag. His eyes followed her, mesmerized. Next, she sat on his desk crossing her legs so he could see her upper thigh and almost all the way up her skirt.

She handed him the slip of paper with all of her disappointing grades. “There must be something I can do for you to get my grade up professor… It can be our dirty little secret.” She started unbuttoning her white blouse. He couldn’t manage to get a single word out to her. She had him completely wrapped around her finger. The next couple buttons popped open, revealing her perfectly perky and smooth breasts. She hadn’t worn a bra that day either.

She grabbed his hands and placed it on her tits. He kept telling her to stop but it was obvious he wanted more. Next, the naughty school girl slipped her shirt off and hopped off the desk and leaned into him and let him kiss her strawberry lips. Then, she bent over his desk and lifted her skirt to show him her beautiful ass and her sexy black thong. He couldn’t help himself, he moved her panties to the side and rubbed her bald pink pussy.

Suddenly, she felt the tip of his hard cock on her pussy.

He pushed himself inside of her and the naughty school girl let out a loud moan. Instantly, the professor covered her mouth, they both almost forgot it was still lunchtime and other teachers and students were still in the hallways. He slammed his cock into her nice and hard from behind as he covered her mouth to mask her moans. She couldn’t believe how big his cock was! Next, he slid his cock out of her dripping wet pussy and she felt him push the head of his cock into her asshole.

Then, he continued to cover her loud slutty mouth as he pounded her sweet young asshole. As he fucked her tight butt, he watched as cum dripped out of her swollen pussy. Also, with his other hand, he wrapped it around her throat and squeezed just enough so she could still breath but she was definitely getting light headed. Then suddenly, She could feel his cock jump as he was slamming it inside of her. Then, he let out some soft moans and she could feel all of that warm cum filling inside of her. He pulled his cock out and the cum poured out of her gaping asshole. I think the naughty school girl got exactly what she wanted!

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