Naughty Santa has been EVERY girl’s fantasy from early on so, if she denies it, she’s LYING!

It was the night before Christmas and I had been a very good girl.  So, when I caught that old fart in the red suit putting a lump of coal in my stocking I decided I’d get even…and then some.  I snuck up behind him and wrestled that fat fuck to the ground.

Climbing on top of him, I pinned his arms to the ground and tied him to the fireplace mantel. “Now, Nick, you’re going get what you deserve”.  Straddling his fat belly, I ripped that red suit off him.

“Oh Santa, I’m sorry for you. Of course, I’m still going to punish you.”

Feeling him get hard and struggle against his bonds gave me a feeling of power like I’d never known before.  I could feel his balls tighten and knew he was close so, I stopped, leaned back and laughed.  “Naughty Santa, you didn’t think it’d be THAT easy, did you?”

I reached into MY bag of goodies and pulled an 8″ strap-on. You should’ve seen his face!  He started to beg; so I put a ball-gag in his mouth, spread his legs and slammed him home. But, you would’ve thought I was using a taser on him…The way the man cried & shook was more empowering than any self-help book could teach.

With each thrust I told him something from my Christmas list; Slam “I want a mink coat”, Bang “I want a diamond necklace” and so on; well, you get the idea.  After 15-minutes that old man knew what he had to do to get on MY nice list.  You better watch out & BETTER NOT CRY!


Santa’s On The Prowl Tonight.