I am taking a class on human behaviors. The class is popular with students and I want to learn more about this area. Additionally, the guy teaching the class is hot. Time for a naughty professor fling?

A few of my friends are raving about him and the class. So, I am taking it this semester. Professor Hammond can’t keep his eyes off of me in the classroom either.

As he is teaching, his gaze continues to come back to me. Perhaps, my tiny skirts make it hard for him to miss my sexy legs. I love fliting with the professors.

And, sometimes you just need a naughty professor fling.

Therefore, it is time to bring out my best to tease and woo him. Initially, I wasn’t planning on sleeping with him. However, after spending time in his class, I want to fuck him.

His body language is super sexy and he has the bluest eyes. When I am having a conversation with him, looking into those eyes, makes my pussy tingle and get wet.

So, a naughty professor fling will help take care of that. During class, I sit and wonder what his dick is like. Is it big, medium, or small?  Of course, I will have fun no matter what.

I guarantee an “A” from him for my amazing cock sucking abilities.

Most men are blown away by my blowjobs. Additionally, they love my beautiful body. Once, we fuck, they come back for more. Even though I didn’t start my sexual fun until college, I am a fast learner.

Honestly, most are shocked to find out I am still so new to it. Of course, the old me would never have a naughty professor fling. And, it is wild to remember I used to be a naive Mormon girl.

Now, I wild roommate fun that would shock some people. Along with that, I am a happy submissive to the dominants I meet and fuck. I have a daddy dom I spend lots of time with.

I know he is going to lose control and I will get He and I are meeting in his office to go over some things this afternoon.

And, when I go, I am wearing a tiny little skirt, no panties, and a sexy shirt that shows off my perky tits.

I am sure Professor Hammond is going to enjoy our fun together. Additionally, he will want to continue seeing me long after the class is over. And, if he is any good in bed, we will keep having fun.

Sometimes, a naughty professor fling is all it should be. If they aren’t all that great in bed, you have to chalk it up to some college fun and keep it moving along.

From what I hear, he has a decent dick and knows how to use it and I will find out during our naughty professor fling.

Of course, I have to judge for myself. In his office, he seems a bit nervous during our meeting. However, I move things along toward our naughty professor fling to loosen him up.

I stand up and move around to him on the other side of his desk. I lift my skirt, take his hand, and put a finger between my pussy lips to show him how wet he makes me.

His dick is getting hard in his pants. So, I drop down to my knees and pull it out. Wrapping my hands around the shaft, I start to go up and down. Then, I put my lips on it.

He lets out a moan as I start to suck that cock.

Oh, he is loving this. Of course, we are going to do so much more before our meeting is done! Curious to hear those dirty details? Call me for some hot phone sex!