For me, getting the BEST roomie in the world is a winner for college. Of course, I have lots of winner situations here. Hilary is always bringing me wild roommate fun.

I know where your dirty mind is going right now, reader, and you are mostly right! She and I are having tons of hot lesbian sex together. She makes me feel so damn good.

Of course, I love reciprocating for her as well. We are mastering the art of lesbian sixty-nine. Oh, the way she makes me squirt is amazing. And, I am getting good enough to make her squirt now.

Arriving at college I was naive but after some wild roommate fun, I am far from it.

One of the nice things about Hilary is her willingness to share with others. Initially, I thought that would be with guys. However, I was happily surprised it meant we share with other girls.

The first time, I wasn’t expecting it. Hilary suggested a movie night at our place so I thought that is what it was. Of course, she is always up to something naughty.

Sure enough, we start out watching movies but it becomes kinky fun with our guests. Sara, Jenn, and Allie were over for the movie night. What an addition to our wild roommate fun they turned out to be!

Who knew so many college girls love eating pussy?!

I am just happy that Hilary and I ended up together. We are besties now and also fantastic lovers. She is teaching me so many new things. And, not only with women.

Along with the fun we have with each other and the other girls, she is now introducing me to multiple partner sex with the guys on campus. Of course, I have fun with my Daddy dom separately.

But this is a whole different world with Hilary and our wild roommate fun. When we are fucking the guys on campus, it isn’t the BDSM world I share with my doms.

With these guys, it is just sex and wild roommate fun.

Am I still submissive to them? Of course, I am. I am always a submissive no matter who I am fucking. Even with Hilary, I am more submissive. She likes that about me too.

Some of the guys are into a bit of domination, but not at a hardcore level. They just want me to bow down and suck their big dicks. Or, more often, they want to watch Hilary and me together.

They like to be the audience in charge of us. That makes them feel dominant during our wild roommate fun with them. Hilary and I let them feel that way because we enjoy fucking each other.

And, it gets us off more to have a bunch of horny guys watching us.

All these young college dudes are jerking off and watching us go down on each other. They have two beautiful girls to do with as they wish and they have us playing with each other.

So strange, but whatever. Sometimes, they even do a full circle jerk over us. We love it when they all are jerking off and shooting their loads of cum on us as we make each other squirt.

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