Don’t pretend that you’re not a naughty panty boy!

Why do you even try to pretend that you’re not a naughty panty boy? You’re caught and there’s no point in even trying to deny it now. Did you really think that I wouldn’t notice how you’ve been stealing my panties? They sure didn’t get up and walk away on their own you know. I bet you never expected me to put a hidden camera up now, did you? Now I have evidence and I’ve got you right where I want you. Unless you want me to let your wife in on your dirty little secret you better do exactly what I say!

What would your wife think if she knew you were a naughty panty boy? Well, that and the fact that I’m so very young. I bet that would shock her more than almost anything else, wouldn’t it? Hmm, let me think about how I’m going to punish you. It’s got to be something really good. I have to make you learn your lesson. After all, if I don’t put you in your place, you might steal some other young girl’s panties. Drop your pants so I can see what you on have on under them right now!

Oh my god, you’re wearing my favorite pink polka dot panties! You are so going to pay for this. We’re going to go for a little ride but first, you need to finish getting ready. Some pretty pink lipstick should match those panties perfectly. You’re starting to get nervous and squirm now aren’t you? Don’t even think about trying to back out or I’ll send this video right to your wife! Now get ready we’re going to the sex store. We aren’t going for toys, you’re going for the real thing.

That’s right, I’m taking you to the glory hole!

If you want to act like a dirty fucking pervert then that’s exactly how you’re going to get treated. Don’t worry I’ll take plenty of pics while you’re at it. That way you can see what a dirty little cock sucking slut you’re being. I want to see you smear that pretty pink lipstick all over those cocks while you’re sucking them off! That’s right I said cocks because I’m not letting you stop at just one. How fair would that be to me? You didn’t only steal one pair of my panties, did you? Nope! You stole a bunch so you’re going to suck a bunch of dicks now.

Get on your knees and open wide for your big surprise. It’s so much fun watching your eyes water up and hearing you gag all over those big dicks. Do you like the feel of those heavy balls smacking you against your chin? Oh well too bad so sad if you don’t. You still have to suck them off like a good cum eating whore! Swallow every last drop of their hot sticky loads when they blast down the back of your throat. Don’t worry though because the last two cocks you suck are going to cum all over your slutty face. Then we’re going to walk out of here like that. Everyone is going to see that cum dripping down your face. You’ll never be able to look anyone in the eye again!

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