My parents were out of town while I had my cum eating party.

  When my parents went out of town to celebrate their anniversary, they asked my big brother to keep an eye on me. I wonder if he knew it would lead to tons of cum eating when he agreed. He was home from college for a visit so it was perfect timing. When my big brother walked through that door I couldn’t believe what I saw. He had changed so much. He was so tall and muscular and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the really large bulge that I could see in the front of his pants.

  My mouth started to water and all I could think about was being a naughty little cum eating slut for him. I couldn’t wait for our parents to leave us all alone. They finally left and I got right to trying my best to seduce my big brother. I went into his bedroom in a tiny little tank top and panties and pressed my tight young body right up against him. The second I did, I could feel his big dick get stiff for me. That just made me wriggle against him even more, of course, *giggles*.

  He tried to resist and tell me that it was wrong but once my hand slid down the front of his pants he was putty in my hands. I got between his thighs and started running my tongue up and down his rock hard shaft, it wasn’t long before he was blowing a big hot load of sticky cum down the back of my little throat. That was just the start of our hot weekend though, we had so much rough sex through the whole house, I don’t think we missed a single inch.

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