My new job is awesome. I am a secretary for this super hot guy. All of us girls working for him have a crush on him. Hell, even some of the guys I am working with have crushes on him. Being the kinky chick I am, when I am horny, I need to take care of it asap. So, I am sneaking into the inventory room for some naughty office masturbation, thinking about my boss and his big bulge.

At my last job, my coworker and I were fucking. Yes, I was the Cheating Girlfriend Fucks Co-worker slut. I am still playing with him too. It is fun fucking him in the back of his truck. Jackson is a lot of fun. He was naive in the beginning but he is learning quickly how to make me cum hard. His huge cock is lots of fun. It has taken me time to teach him we are just fuck buddies.

This new job is amazing but I still need to get my naughty office masturbation time in.

The job is an upgrade and I am loving it. Getting hired here is awesome and I love all the perks. Of course, my sexy boss is a nice perk, not included in the handbook details. Additionally, I still work doing the Phone Sex Chat that I adore. There is no way I can give up all my guys that call to play. I am way too kinky to stop having fun with them. If you haven’t spent time with me, you should!

As my boss is walking by, I can’t help looking at his crotch and that bulge in his fancy dress pants. They are well made and that dick must be huge to bulge like that. The guy is so handsome, smart, and funny. He is the reason I have to sneak off for some naughty office masturbation. My boyfriend, Cody, and I discuss all we can do with him in our fantasies at night. Yes, Cody is as kinky as I am and loves to share men with me.

He is always bringing me lunch just so he can interact with my boss.

Of course, I am using him for my spanking material. When I am feeling really naughty, I go into a stall in the women’s restroom to masturbate. I am careful to not be loud or attract attention. It is just so dirty to be fingering my pussy with the other ladies coming in and out as I am doing it! There are few hotties I wouldn’t mind playing with but I am not sure where they stand on that, so I am not making moves right now.

I am extremely gifted at finding out and will in time. For now, I am happy to fantasize about the boss. He is a flirt but in a safe way that doesn’t break any weird office rules. I have seen him checking out my big beautiful titties a few times. Of course, I don’t want to freak him out so I make sure not to let him see me seeing him. Oh, there he is, and I swear, that bulge is bigger today!

That is it, I need some release in a pussy way.

I let my co-worker know I am taking a break and head to the supply room. There is a great spot back in the corner that is not seen right away. I have a chair set up and go to my spot. I slip my panties down my legs and off. Yes, it is risky. However, it is such a turn on to take them off while I am playing with this cunt. My pussy is wet and ready too.

I am closing my eyes as I run my hand over my breasts and body. I am pulling out a titty to play with as well. My finger is working my clit and using a finger from the other hand to slide inside me. Oh, god, that feels so good. That is it, Mr. Boss, touch me right there. Sure, pull out that big hard cock for me to suck on.

As this is going through my head, I feel like I am not alone.

I look up and see HIM staring at me as I am saying his name and mentioning his cock. Looking at his crotch, I see he is rock hard. We are staring at each other as he is rubbing his crotch. This naughty office masturbation is about to get good! Curious to know what we did? Or if I kept the job? Call me to find out!