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So do I. My co-worker has a huge dick too. He and I are fucking in his truck. We stay in our work parking lot. The truck has tinted windows and a big back seat area. Additionally, once we get inside, no one can see us. The ultimate private spot for some cheating girlfriend fucks co-worker slut sessions.

My co-worker’s name is Jackson.

Jackson is in his early twenties. He is so naive and new to sex. When we are playing together, I am constantly reminding myself to go slow with him. During our naughty backseat sessions, I am ready to fuck him in so many ways but he doesn’t have the experience I do. He is sweet and infatuated with me and my body. Of course, I love the attention from him but I must keep him at bay.

This boy can easily fall for me and I am happy with my boyfriend. He knows me and all my naughtiness. We get each other and enjoy being bad together. Jackson is a fresh-faced boy new to the sexual world. He is better suited to find an innocent young girl to wed and have babies with. Our fun is short-lived and I am good with that.

Of course, until I am ready to be done, we are fucking like bunnies in Springtime!

I am enjoying that huge dick of his. The way it stretches me out as he is sliding inside me. Oh, and the look on his face when he is inside me completely. He is like a young baby learning a new task. Jackson is romantic and always trying to snuggle with me. He will come up behind me at work and try kissing my neck.

I have to correct him all the time, reminding him we are just playing. This isn’t a lifelong relationship. Our fun is my cheating girlfriend fucks co-worker whoring fun, nothing more. It is imperative I am blatantly honest with Jackson for his own good. I do worry his little heart might be broken but that isn’t on me. He has to learn sooner or later, life can be hard on you.

Sometimes, I let him slide his finger under my skirt inside the office.

When he is looking super sexy and I am feeling very horny, we steal away to the stockroom and I lift my skirt. He sees my pretty little panties, dropping to his knees. I tell him to kiss the mound of my pussy through my panties and then slide a finger inside me. He is an obedient boy and does as I command. Soon, he has them off and is eating my pussy until I cum.

If, I feel like, I will jerk him off afterward. Not always, as we have to be careful. The fun we have will end soon but it is full speed ahead for the time being. Jackson will go to college in the fall and I will bid him farewell. Of course, my boyfriend wants to invite him over but I am not sure this sweet boy can handle the two of us.

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