Forced Bi Captions – Pictures of His Weakness Captioned for Me ♕

forced bi captions

Forced Bi Captions – Pictures of His Weakness Captioned for Me

My boyfriend, Jake is a freak like me. That is why we have so much fucking fun together. He is asking lots of questions about sucking cock so I know he is curious about playing for the other team and I think it is sexy as hell. Little does he know I am working on setting up a play date with a friend of mine for his pleasure. Then I am going to have forced bi captions. I love the idea of pictures of his weakness for the same sex. Having the moments captioned on film is going to get my pussy wet for many days to come. Of course, when he sees how much fun it is sharing a sexy guy, it will be a regular thing. I know he has been jerking off to guy-on-guy porn. Additionally, I am masturbating to him doing that. Too funny that we are into it and not talking about Forced Bi Captions.

That is why I have this thing set up so it is in the open with forced bi captions.

Jake is an amazing guy and a great lover. I can only imagine how good he will be at sucking cock. The nice thing about sharing is less of my naughty behavior. If you and I have been talking you know about my Cheating GFE Phone Sex. When I am taking calls, I love sharing all my dirty stories of cheating on my guys before Jake.

Now that I am with a guy that is as wild as me, I may not need to cheat. Of course, that bad girl in me will still be craving strange dick, and doing it on the down-low is such fun. My Cheating Slut Tumblr sexcapades are so nasty. And, this dirty girl loves sharing all that sexy fun with my callers too! It is true, I will not stop my bad behavior.

Jake is wonderful but my need to be bad is strong.

He knows we are sharing my friend but he has no idea the camera is set up to film all our fun. Again, I am not stopping my bad behavior any time soon. It is such fun being a bad girl. Whether it is as simple as filming our fun or doing a gangbang on a cheating binge. I love the thrill of doing these bad things and wondering if I will get caught.

Tonight is the night and Jake is nervous. He is asking me a million questions. I keep telling him to relax, we are going to go slow and enjoy his first time with a guy. All while I am filming in preparation for the forced bi captions. It isn’t exactly forcing since he is open to being with my friend. Well, I am forcing his hand in doing this, that much is true.

His skirting around with his curiosity was never going to bring it happening to fruition.

So it is forced with my insistence. I know down deep he is appreciative of this happening tonight. I can tell by his excitement and preparation for the fun. He may not be happy with the forced bi captions I am creating but he will forgive me. When we have them to share, getting hot and bothered from them, he is going to be happy I did it.

Truth is, I make Jake crazy a lot but he adores me. He is a pervert and that is why I am loving our time together. Tonight is here and my friend is arriving. Once he is in the house, we are having wine and chatting. Jake is a nervous nelly as we are having our wine. Of course, I am hoping it will calm him down before we are starting the fun.

As the wine is kicking in, we all start making out.

I gently guide the three of us up to our bedroom. Once we are upstairs, we are exploring each other’s bodies as we are undressing. As we are finally undressed, I am pushing Jake to kiss Alan. Once he is kissing him, I hear him moaning. I am going down on my knees to play with their dicks. Then I am pulling Jake down there with me. He is nervous as he is taking Alan’s dick in his hand.

Is your dick hard hearing about our fun? Do you want to know how it went? Then call me for all the details.

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