Naughty Neighbors Awesome Threesome!

These new neighbors moved in last month across the street and they seem like very nice people. Attractive, quiet, lovely home and always seem friendly. I was out for a walk after dinner last week and they beckoned me over as I was about to head in and I figured they just wanted to say hello. I sat down and they offered me some wine and we got to talking and they mentioned they were swingers. I was a bit unsure what to say to that, but even more surprised when they said they’d thought me very attractive and wondered if I’d ever engaged in a threesome? These guys were definitely naughty neighbors!

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I was a bit shocked, but not turned off, since as I said they were very attractive and I had actually had a few threesomes when I was in college. I had no idea I had such naughty neighbors, butt hen you really have no clue what people are up to behind closed doors, do you? They told me to think about it and they invited me over to dinner the next night. I thought about it all that night and when I went over to dinner, I brought some wine with me, I decided I’d go for it. It had been a few years since I’d had anything that wild go on, and honestly I needed something naughty to spice things up and if a kinky couple across the street had approached me, maybe I should just let things happen and see where it led.

After dinner we went into the living room and had some coffee and dessert and talked for a while, they were quite well traveled and had all kinds of interesting stories. They asked if I’d given any thought to the matter discussed the night before and I said yes, I’d be interested in trying it and see how it went. So we adjourned to the bedroom and as the wine I’d brought took effect, we all started to get undressed and head towards the king sized bed they had. I lay in the middle of the naughty neighbors and I started off by kissing the husband and I felt the wife’s hand slip between my thighs and start to caress my shaved pussy, teasing my clit and making me very wet. It seems they wanted to focus on pleasing me.

I opened my legs further and she started to go down and kiss my breasts and suck on my nipples making her way down to my pussy. I felt her tongue open me as I reached down to the husband’s cock and stroke it between my fingers giving him a sensual handjob as he wife licked my cunt and sucked on my swollen clit. It felt so good. She slid a couple of fingers inside of me as she worked the tip of her tongue on my clit and flicked my clit back and forth. I got on all fours and he entered me from behind, his cock was fairly large and girthy and stretched me open quite a bit. These naughty neighbors certainly knew how to please, that’s for sure.

She crawled underneath me and continued her administrations to my tingling clit as he fucked me and I knew she could see up close her husband’s cock moving in and out of my cunt, and smell our sex so up close like that. He pumped and pumped and she sucked my clit driving me insane and all of a sudden I came explosively and he soon came into my spasming cunt and she licked up what was leaking back out of me.

He pulled his dick out and it was all sloppy wet and he shoved it into my mouth and I licked our juices off of his cock and he was soon hard as a rock once more and this time he got on his back and his wife was riding him hard, I could hear her wetness as she rode him and I just lay there beside them fingering my wet pussy making myself cum once again. We all fucked through the night and I couldn’t believe how many orgasms I had, it was a night of true debauchery and sensuality. I need to get to know naughty neighbors more often, you just never know who you live near!

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