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“…Daddy’s turn. Come on baby girl open your mouth.” Daddy’s dick in my face gave me goosebumps. My mind immediately took me back to earlier that day when I saw Dad and Don talking in front of the houses. They were laughing and it looked like they were making some type of deal. They shook hands after a few words. Daddy even pointed to my bedroom. Did they plan this? Did Daddy pimp me out to our neighbor? Daddy could see the confusion in my eyes. He walked up to me as I was laying naked in bed and smiled. “My little girl’s not so little anymore.” Don was laying next to me. He wasn’t acting scared or anything. It was like he knew exactly what was going on.

Before I could say anything Daddy rammed his dick in my mouth. As he slow grind his cock into my face he began to tell me how Don had paid him top dollar to take my virginity. He told me that he and Don started planning for this night shortly after we moved into our house. How he knew Don was the right one because he noticed how he would look at me when I would run home from the school bus or how he watched me closely as I played with my friends. He had always wanted to pimp his sweet little girl out to a pussy craving older man and Don was the perfect subject. Daddy told me not to suck so hard on his penis because if I did I would, “make daddy cum hard…” in my mouth and he was saving his semen for my tender cunt.

Don was still quietly watching me please Daddy. I could see Don’s cock growing from the corners of my eyes as I gagged on Daddy’s thick dick. The smell of my young wet pussy, sweat and cum filled the room. It was a pretty sexy scene for a girl my age and I was loving every second of it. Daddy laid me on my back and ate my pussy. He made me cum in his mouth as he finger fucked me. My pussy juice coated his fingers. He pushed both fingers in my mouth and made me suck the pussy juice off as he started to glide his dick over my puffy pussy lips. I closed my eyes tight as Daddy’s big cock entered my pussy hole. My pussy was so wet that Daddy’s dick just slid right inside of me. He held his cock inside of my tight juicy walls for a while. He said he couldn’t believe how fucking tight I was.

When he started fucking me I could tell he was trying hard not to cum but, when Don came over, with his hard cock, and held my legs back…Daddy was able to plunge every inch of his swollen dick inside of me. I licked the tip of Don’s dick as Daddy fucked me harder and harder. My toes were curling. Daddy always loved my feet so he started to suck on the toes of my right foot. The sweat was pouring from his body on to me and my sheets. He told Don to get ready. I didn’t know what that meant and I really didn’t care. Daddy felt so good inside of me. Daddy made me call his real name as he dumped his entire load into my tiny pussy. His cock pumped me full of sperm. The wetness was unbelievable! As Daddy  pulled his cock out Don immediately put his mouth under the opening of my cum filled cunt and sucked out every drop of Daddy’s cum. I came again in Don’s mouth as Daddy sucked my pretty little toes.

It was a night I will NEVER forget. The fun didn’t stop there though. Daddy continued to pimp me out to the neighborhood boys and men, my uncles, friends at his job and even my teachers. I have so many stories and role plays that I’d love to share with you. I will please you just like I pleased Don and Daddy that night. Don’t worry…it will be our dirty secret.



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