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I started to second guess if I had actually closed the door before my personal cum show. I thought for sure that I had closed it but, then again I was so horny I probably just forgot this time. After I cum, I’m always super tired so, I turned my lamp off on the side of the bed, snuggled my naked body under the covers and fell asleep. Before I closed my eyes I noticed that the clock on my wall said 9:45pm. Around 10:15pm something woke me up.

It was a movement coming from behind me. Some rustling in my sheets. Like someone was rubbing them or something. It took a while for my brain to wake up enough to realize that there was actually someone laying next to me. I was frozen as the hard breathing and moaning became louder. And then I felt the poke and the wet residue that it left on my soft behind. The hand over my mouth came next. His grip was strong and I was terrified now. “Shhhhhh. It’s me baby girl. It’s Don.” Don? My neighbor Don? The one who I thought had been watching me from his window? His breath was hot on my earlobe and I could feel his other hand grasping around my small waste.

When I whimpered his hand held my mouth tighter. My fear started to fade into arousal when his penis began poking through the cheeks of my ass and gliding over my tender pussy lips. I was already wet from masturbating earlier but now his cock was making me extra wet and horny. Don started to play with my nipples. Squeezing them and pulling them. He licked the back of my neck and said that he was going to make me his that night. His words were so intoxicating. I wanted to belong to him. I had wanted to be in his arms since me and my family moved in when I was 9 years old. I loved the way he handled my breasts and rubbed his cock on my backside.

He gently lifted my leg and slowly pushed the head of his cock up against my virgin pussy hole. I was so tight and young and vulnerable. He grunted loudly as he forced his way through my hymen. I could hear my cherry pop. His swollen cock pumped my young pussy swift and hard. I closed my eyes and grabbed the sheets as he had his way with me and made my young cunt cum all over his hard throbbing dick. As I came he whispered, “That’s my naughty girl. Cum on my cock sweet thing.” His hand holding my mouth controlled my screams, but nothing, not even the weight of his body could stop my body from jerking as I came multiple times. The stimulation was AMAZING!

Don stuffed a pair of my panties in my mouth and told me to bare down. He was about to cum and didn’t want me to be too loud as he fucked me mercilessly and pumped his cum deep inside of my young womb. “Have my baby sweet Carmen. Be my young bride.” He said these words to me as he slammed deeper inside . He had me on my stomach now and holding my hips down with his hands. We became one as he told me he loved me and plunged his cock into my juicy puss. His cum dripped out me like a faucet. He stayed inside of me, throbbing and slowly pumping. His balls slapped my ass cheeks as I laid underneath him out of breath.

Just when I thought he was about to get up he pumped my pussy with the last drops of cum he had left. He told me that he loved me and I believed him. We were both sweating and tired from making love when we heard the sound of the floor creeking over by the door. Me and Don looked up at the same time. There was my Dad standing in the doorway with his huge 10 inch cock in his hand. I was so scared and confused. Daddy looked at Don and then looked at me and said, “Daddy’s turn. Come on baby girl open your mouth.”

It was about to be a long night…wanna know what happened next? Give me a call baby…I want to give it ALL to you!



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