“Like a good neighbor State Farm is there”……you know that catchy jingle. You’re humming in your head right now. But what if you’re a naughty neighbor? What if you have your eye on your neighbors husband? That’s bad isn’t it? It’s so bad because I’m so bad. I can’t help it. I’ve always been a naughty girl. Just ask my moms last two husbands. My step daddy’s never had to force it on me . I’m the one who arranged for my mother to be out of the house so step daddy could catch me home naked. I knew seeing my fresh young body and bouncy boobs would get his cock hard. Her second husband tried to resist me the firs time. He said, “No Genie….we shouldn’t. What about your mother?” I got down on my hands and knees unzipped his pants pulled out his cock and started stroking it. Then I took my long wet tongue and licked his cock from the balls to the head in one long stroke while never taking my eyes off of him and said, “Does my mother do this to you?” Then he laid back and let me swallow that cock of his. We got so good at coming up with ways to get mommy out of the house. He bought her a month’s pass at a luxury spa and she would be gone for hours at a time every week.  Oh by then my step daddy wasn’t pushing me away. As soon as mom cleared the driveway he was coming at me with his rock hard cock and slamming my sweet wet pussy.  When mom came home the house was clean I was cooking dinner and step dad had a bouquet of flowers for her. She was none the wiser. I guess that’s how I learned to be so sneaky with my neighbors. These desperate housewives love to gab and tell all their business about their unhappy lives.  But I am a good listener. When I hear a chick going on and on about needing a break from it all and not appreciating the “hot” husband she has that’s when I step in. My neighbor Cathy has a super stud for a hubby but the poor guy looks like he’s suffering from blue balls. When Cathy asked me what should she do about her marriage I suggested she get away for a week at a retreat and find herself and that way her husband has a chance to miss her. She bought it. As soon as the taxi left her driveway I was over to her house with a lasagna knocking on her door. When her husband answered I invited myself in. I knew he couldn’t resist the scent of my pasta or my pussy.  When I bent over to take the foil off the pan I made sure he saw my tight round ass under my skirt. “Are you hungry? Would you like to eat now?” The next thing I know his face was lodged in my crotch and his tongue was sliding through my panties up my clit. Oh guess he is ready to eat.

Well, tune back in to hear more of “Genie the Naughty Neighbor Seduces the Husband” in Part 2.


Written by Genie