I had just entered middle school when I started to notice my neighbor’s window across from my bedroom was always opened whenever I got out of the shower. Since it was always dark over there I didn’t really think about the possibility that maybe someone could be watching me as I got ready for bed. Every night after I showered I would turn the music on and dance alone in my room. Sometimes in front of my floor length mirror and sometimes jumping up and down on my bed. It really just depended on what was playing. After a few minutes of messing around I would  start to explore my body. Things were changing rapidly and puberty was being VERY kind to me.

My breasts were starting to get plump and round and they were extremely soft when I touched them, kind of like one of my other stories about my Uncle George. When I looked at my young body in the mirror I could see the beginnings of my curves. My hips were widening. My waist was shrinking and my legs and arms were getting leaner and smoother everyday. Even my hair seemed to be getting thicker and more alluring. I didn’t really see a change in my pussy. It was still pretty small and without any hair and I had puffy pussy lips. I was intrigued with my entire body and how it was developing but nothing intrigued me more than how it felt when I would touch my pussy.

The last song would play and I would be there..naked…in front of my mirror just staring at my sweet plump little peach. And then the exploring would begin. I always started with my right hand. Slowly rubbing my right finger tips over my smooth puffy pussy. It was so sensitive. The cute little peach fuzz that covered it was soft and delicate. I closed my eyes as I reached even further between my thighs, palming my pussy. It was warm and moist down there. This is the naughty neighbor you love to watch isn’t it? My eyes were closed as I squeezed my pussy lips, massaging them and making them rub together. Quickly my knees got weak and I would have to lay down on my bed.  My body was relaxed and I didn’t give a shit if anyone caught me. I actually hoped that someone was actually peering at me through the dark lonely window across the way. Hopefully it was my sexy older naughty neighbor who had always given me candy and told me how pretty I was. I wanted to show him just how beautiful I had become. What a naughty neighbor I was too.

So I opened my legs really wide and started to push and rotate my clit with my finger. FUCK! It felt soooo good. I could feel my pussy hole starting to pulsate and open, yearning for any hard object to penetrate me and fuck me hard. I was laying on my bed, physically begging to be fucked. My brown nipples were swollen and I would start to breathe heavier. With every push of my clit my pussy became wetter and wetter. As the pussy juice started to flow from inside of me the sweet sound the juicy dripping out of my pussy and on to my fingers was all that could be heard. I was arching my back and trying not to make any noises as my body moved recklessly on the bed. My toes were curling as my tiny fingers went in and out of my tight juicy hole. I remember feeling like I was about to explode. My young mind could not understand why it felt so good to have my fingers inside of my pussy. I bit my lips and closed my eyes tight. The finger fucking had gotten really intense and I wasn’t going to stop until I got what I instinctively craved.

The pressure on my clit became unbearable. I peeled my legs back even further and let out a squeal that came from my gut. The squirting from my pussy reached all the way to my floor length mirror.  HOLY SHIT! My eye site was blurry. I love the way it felt when I came. I laughed because every time I would masturbate I would feel so tired. Exhausted really. My body was totally relaxed as I lay there on my pink sheets with a smile on my face. I loved being so fucking naughty. As I came down from my masturbation high I started to think about the dark window across the way. Did he see me? Was he still there watching me? Did he cum at the same time I came?

I was just about to reach over and turn off my lamp when I noticed something odd. I thought to myself, “I didn’t leave my bedroom door cracked. I thought I closed it shut when I came in from the bathroom”…

What do you think happened next? They say good girls never tell. Lucky for you, I’ve always been bad.

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