Naughty Neighbor In Need

My neighbor asked a favor of me recently. Her twenty five year old son had been finishing her roof and fell off the ladder and broke his leg. She’d been having him stay there to look after him while he healed. But she had another family emergency out of town she was called on to come for over the weekend. She asked me if I’d look in on him when she was away for a couple of days and I said of course. I didn’t know him well, but she gave me the key to pop in a few times over the weekend. Since she said he was stubborn and wouldn’t call if he needed help.I I had no idea that I would become a naughty neighbor.

He was wearing only a towel

I went in and he had a full leg cast on. So moving around and bathing wasn’t going to be easy for him. I asked if I could help and he was really good looking and he had a towel wrapped around his waist. He was trying to see if he could manage a shower and I said I’d help him wrap up his leg in a large plastic bag .So he wouldn’t get water on the cast and he reluctantly accepted my offer of help. I went down and found some bags under their kitchen sink and came back up. And he was wrapping him up when all of a sudden his towel started to pitch a tent from an erection. And he seemed really embarrassed, and I assured him it was fine and not to worry about it.

I was  ready To be the naughty Neighbor

naughty neighbor Gisele

The next day I popped in and it was the same scene again. But this time I reached up and touched his cock that was hard through the towel. He leaned down and kissed me and I said I’d help him in the shower. After I wrapped up his leg and I got undressed so not to get my clothes wet and I got in there with him. Both of us naked and I soaped him up. Rinsed him off and then dried him and led him back to the bed.

I then started to rub some moisturizer all over him. And rubbed some on his cock as well. He had a raging erection and I was only too happy to help him get rid of it. And gave him a hand job and he seemed very grateful for my assistance. My hand was soon replaced by my mouth and I loved sucking on my naughty neighbor’s sweet, hard cock.

I couldn’t wait to feel him in me

He laid there on his back and I soon straddled him and was riding his hard dick.Being careful not to put my weight on his cast. And we found a way to fuck and enjoy it. I never dreamed my neighbor asking me to pop in on her son would lead to anything like this. But it was hot and I was glad to help. We wouldn’t have met otherwise and he had a beautiful cock. I stayed there most of the weekend with him and his mom didn’t even know. He had me sit on his face while he licked my pussy and he was good at it and I could only imagine the naughty behavior we would get up to once he was out of his cast and back to normal, I can’t wait to find out.

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