Naughty Neighbor Gets A Workout

I spotted my sexy neighbor at the gym. This naughty neighbor gets a workout. I just couldn’t believe how he looked in his tank top and gym shorts. But he’s sexy in his gym wear. He looked so sexy working out with the weights I just watched as the sweat dripped down his chest. I continued on towards the step master my favorite place to start and get warmed up. The whole time I couldn’t take my eyes off him I just wanted to watch him get all sweaty and imagine that hot sexy body up against mine. Good thing I wore my red gym shorts they are so short and get me a lot of attention. The guys love to stare at my ass every time I wear these here.

After the step master I walked over to the bikes. All I wanted was to shove him against the wall. Fucking him was the only thing on my mind. I would of right there in front of everyone. But I kept my composer until I saw him heading to the locker room. I raced over and stopped him before he went through the door. His eyes were glued to me. He noticed me and that’s all that mattered. I mentioned how hot he looked from across the room with those weights. He smiled and then it slipped, the words that I wanted to fuck him. Then He asked what’s stopping me. Now that I know he’s not objected to fucking me, why not here and now.

Let’s fuck in the gym

He went In the locker room and came back out and said “all clear come on it.” I went in we went to the back to the showers, pulled the curtain closed to our shower and I shoved him up against the wall. He slipped off my shorts and panties and then pushed my face on his cock. His cock got hard as I sucked it. He then pushed me against the wall, with my stomach to the wall, he fingers my pussy and my ass then I feel him shove his big juicy cock into my pussy thrusting it deep inside me. He pulls my hair and grabs my throat and chokes me as he fucks me.

After his cock gets all wet he slips it into my ass, pumping his cock in and out of my ass spanking my ass with each thrust. I moan and want it harder and faster. Naughty Neighbor Gets A Workout with her sexy neighbor.  Call me for all your phone sex desires and cum with me today. Even if your not into roleplay masturbation phone sex is hot. Let’s press each other’s hot spots. I’ll cum with you. Want to make me soak my panties?

Kinky Kelsey