It is a gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest. I have been working in the yard all week and gotten some sun, I am getting a nice golden bronze, but have all these varying tan lines from the different shirts I have wore this week. I am going out this weekend and Friday night I am wearing a halter top. I wanted to even out these tan lines by laying out in the sun topless. I have d0ne this many times on my back deck and think nothing of it. My backyard had a six foot fence and only two neighbors. The family on the side, the Browns, have a single story home and the house behind is a recently divorced Mon-Fri 9-5 suit and tie guy, Kevin. I am friendly with all my neighbors but have the luxury of being one of the only neighbors being home during the day.

It was quiet this morning so I took the phone on the deck and stripped to just my bikini bottoms. I was sipping my diet soda and soaking up the rays for almost an hour. The soft, pale skin of my large heavy breasts had begun to warm and the fresh breeze felt great as it played across my nipples. I noticed the color in my areola had already started to deepen.  My mind was starting to wander to summer projects and I was thinking I might like to paint the house trim. Kevin had redone his last year and it totally spiffed up the place. I gazed through my sunglasses to assess the paint job and noticed a figure in the upstairs bedroom window. Startled to see someone watching me sunbathe topless, I kept my composure and hid my prying eyes and interest behind the large, dark  rims. It was Kevin, he was not at work this Thursday morning and furthermore I noticed the familiar jerking movements of his right arm. What his hand was going to work on  was hidden beneath the window sill, but it knew in the palm was his cock. Beneath my bikini bottom I began to ache, I can not lie I have fantasized about my neighbor. He is the hottest available man in my little hood and obviously he was thinking about me right now.

I kept my cool posture not revealing I had seen him but could not keep the sly grin from forming on my lips. I picked up my cell of the side table and sent him a text, “Hey I see you are home from work today. How about a cup of coffee?” Within a minute his upper torso disappeared from the window, but it came back at a quicker pace than when it left. I made eye contact with him now and waved. He reddened and sheepishly half waved back. I pointed at him with my index finger and started curling it in a “come” motion. He nodded and grinned.

So now I have to run because I am having a neighbor over for coffee and I think there is something we have both had on our minds.

Have you ever fantasized about one of your neighbors? Call us tonight cause who knows maybe we really are one of your sexy neighbors wanting to help YOU get off.