Naughty Neighbor

I remember when I caught the eye of my neighbor’s husband. He walked passed me in the kitchen and grabbed my ass. Mmmm I liked it. That was the start of our torrid affair. I whispered in his ear, “I’ll Be Your Naughty Neighbor”. We would often sneak off for alone time. My neighbor’s husband, Johnny, would finger fuck me under their dining table while he and his wife joined me for breakfast at the local IHOP. While she sipped her coffee he would slide his long finger under my dress as he sat across from me. His wife had no idea that his right index finger was stroking my clit.

I loved the flirtation and I loved the secrecy.

I loved grabbing his ass when she passes by me. One time, I remember, she left the room to stir something on the stove. Johhny immediately came over to me, pulled out my right tit and started sucking and licking my big brown nipples. He was like a man obsessed with my huge tits. Then we heard footsteps and floorboards creak. He immediately pulled away and went back to his chair and quickly buttoned up my blouse. I can’t wait to get him all alone and FUCK the hell out of my Naughty Neighbor.


Hi, I’m Genie and I love to have kinky fun. I am called the ‘Mistress of PHONE SEX‘ because of my sexy voice and my reputation for making men CUM HARD. Oh, baby, I want to make you CUM HARD with me. We can role play or just masturbate together and squirt out our sticky loads of cum. I’ll send you some sexy pics of me to shoot your cum load on. You’ll love pictures of my sweet pussy. Call me, baby, and JERK OFF with MOMMA.”