As a nanny, I have many tasks I have to undergo in a client’s household. Taking care of the children, cleaning, and even cooking. However. I have another special task that is kept secret from most. Giving cheating husbands the naughty nanny masturbation fantasy of their dreams. I don’t even have to try; just being in their home while they are there, cleaning in front of them, gets their cocks hard!

This hot Daddy can’t stop staring!

Most of the dads I deal with daily tend to stare, but not like, John. I swear that man is either always around me and gawking, or he’s in his room jerking it to pictures he took of me. The man thinks he’s slick and that I don’t know, but babe, I always know. For the most part, I can tell when I’ve taken their eyes away from their wives. They all fall for the naughty nanny masturbation fantasy!

Today, I  decided that since I knew he was in his bedroom jerking off to me, I’d have a little fun. His wife was off at work, and I knew she wouldn’t be back until late. Luckily, it was his off day, and I had the kids all taken care of and settled in their rooms. Next, I went upstairs and saw him through the crack in his door. Jerking it to the pictures on his phone. Working as a hot phone whore, I know exactly what he needs.

Unbuttoning my blouse a little and hiking my skirt up, I’m ready for his naughty nanny masturbation!

Quickly, I sneak inside, making sure the door stays quiet behind me. I get up behind him and lightly rub my hands over his shoulders. Leaning in and kissing his neck. Startled, he jumps and the chair and looks at me. In response, I swivel the chair around, so he’s facing me. The look of bewilderment on his face is priceless. “What’s wrong, Sir? Isn’t this what you fantasized about?” I say, leaning in and gliding my lips over his, teasing him.

He really can’t resist; I was the slutty maid fuck he’s been looking for all his life. Then I squat down in front of him and take his cock in my hand before trailing my tongue up his shaft. I flick my tongue over his cock, making it throb, and he whines. Closing his eyes, he leans his head back in the chair. I take it as my opportunity, and I suck his whole cock into my mouth. Sucking him harder and harder; he just can’t take it!

He’s getting primal now, ready to fuck my brains out!

Suddenly, I feel him pull me off his cock by my hair. Lifting me off my knees, he kisses me deep before picking me up. I wrap my legs around his hips, and he pins me up against the wall, giving me passionate, hot sex. Sliding my skirt up and the panties to the side, he slides his cock right into my pussy, not wasting any time. He fucks me harder and harder until I can feel myself aching around him. Not too long after, I feel the flood of the orgasm take me, and I cry out in ecstasy. The throbbing around his cock milks him, causing him to blow his load in me.

He lets me down gently—us both panting like we just ran a marathon. “You’re definitely getting a raise,” he chuckles, helping me up off the floor. I give him a quick kiss before walking out to grab some towels to help clean up. Like the good slutty maid I am.

Mia Kinky Crew