All the countless days and nights, we both stayed late because we had to “work.” When really, we couldn’t help ourselves. We spent each of those days and nights tormenting each other with teases. Slight touches here and there; whispers in his ears, as I bring him his coffee. Even the cliche, bending over in a tight skirt to pick something up. I would love to spread my legs then and there for him and have some fun, naughty mutual masturbation.

I think he finally reached his breaking point!

Mr. Brinkop came into work way more chipper than usual today. He had a pep in his step and a huge smile on his face. I wonder what could have him so giddy. Before I know it, my pager goes off, and I’m summoned to his office. The blinds are closed to his windows for privacy. As soon as I enter and close the door behind me, he’s on me. He picks me up and twirls me around!

“She’s gone!” he yells, putting me down finally. I look at him, confused. “My wife, she’s leaving for the whole week! I’ll finally have some freedom!” He rushes over to his desk and pats on his lap, making me blush; my dreams were coming true. “I want you to come over to my place with me tonight for some naughty mutual masturbation fun. I’ll drive and bring you back to work in the morning.”

It’s an offer I can’t refuse.

“I’d love to come over tonight,” I say excitedly, running my fingers over his chest. I look at the papers on his desk, and I get a wicked idea, thanks to my bratty phone sex calls. I push them all off. “Oopsies, clumsy me! I guess I need to be punished, don’t I, Mr. Brinkop?” I bend over the desk and look at him over my shoulder. He gives me a smirk and stands up. He peels my dress up my ass and sees my grey thong stuck between my cheeks. His hand smacks across my ass, turning it bright red.

After he finishes spanking me, he grabs my hair and pushes me to the floor. “Crawl and pick those papers up,” He commands, slapping my ass one last time. I pick them all up and put them on his desk. He waves me off, and I leave his office, excited for tonight’s naughty mutual masturbation.

His house is fucking huge!

I knew he was well off, but I didn’t expect him to own a manor! I was shocked pulling up to the home. He opened my door to the car and led me inside. Mr. Brinkop took no time taking me to his and his wife’s bedroom. “Don’t you think it’s a little wrong to fuck on your marital bed?” I ask, a little concerned. He chuckles, “who says we are going to fuck, we aren’t cheating, but fuck are we going to cum hard.” He says, taking his clothes off. He grabs mine and slides them off me, so we are both naked.

Mr. Brinkop beckons me to get into bed with him and tells me to spread my legs and pussy lips. I was to do any and everything he said. He opens a drawer and pulls out different-sized dildos, vibrators, and plugs. Beginning our naughty mutual masturbation. He has me push a medium-sized plug into my ass while he strokes his cock. He tells me to tease my clit for him. Then, he hands me a bigger 11-inch girthy dildo. I edge myself over and over for him until he’s ready to cum.

He gets me right to that edge too many times; I’m going to explode!

I’ve edged about 12 times now, and he’s enjoying every minute of it. Stroking and teasing his own cock. His cock is on that edge now too. He tells me to be a good girl and hold my orgasm. As soon as he tells me to cum, we both explode in moans and a mess of his cum and my pussy juices. Out of breath, we collapse onto the bed. Fuck maybe he’ll even make me his intelligent alluring sugar baby!

Mia Kinky Crew