As a college girl, I am learning things are expensive. My scholarships help some, but they only cover so much. There are more supplies, food, personal needs, and much more. So, my roomie said I am a great candidate for an intelligent alluring sugar baby.

Really, me? I am super sexy and smart. Why not? She and I started looking at the sites for sugar babies that wanted more out of girls, and sure enough, a lot of them are searching for a hot chick with a brain.

I figure it is worth a try. Working part-time as a Submissive Whore Maid is good, and it definitely has its perks. Of course, Sir keeps me busy with lots of duties, punishment when he undoes them, and then those “special” duties I love.

I have time to add in an intelligent alluring sugar baby commitment.

I have three guys that seem like a good fit. Additionally, my roomie and I are meeting the first one today for lunch. Furthermore, he knows she is coming as my “safety.” I am to ask for him when I arrive, and they will show us to his table.

As we come to the table, I am pleasantly surprised to see how handsome he is! He is a mature man but quite fit. I can definitely see myself as this man’s intelligent alluring sugar baby!

We sit down and start chatting; he is wonderful! Well-versed, polite, and extremely sexy, and I actually find my pussy getting wet at the table. My roomie is texting the same is happening to her.

After a bit of conversation, he asks if I feel safe enough to see his home.

And, yes, I do. Of course, she is all naughty smiles as she says her goodbyes and heads off. Our conversation gets more in-depth as he is testing my intelligence, and I fucking love it. I am spot on with anything he is throwing me.

As lunch is coming to an end, he asks what I think of him. Of course, I am honest and tell him I am impressed, and he tells me he is feeling the same. Furthermore, if I am on board, he would like me to be his intelligent alluring sugar baby!

Of course, I say yes, I agree, and I have a sugar daddy. I have told him I also do calls, and I am providing the Best Phone Sex around. Of course, he finds it is sexually arousing to know that. However, he loves that I have a brain, and we can talk too!

At this point, my pussy is so wet, but I am not going to act unless he does.

He says, “Well, sugar baby, how about we make it official in the men’s room if you are up for the challenge.” This is a very nice restaurant, and I am not sure this is the best idea; however, I will trust him and say, “Yes!”

Taking my hand, he leads me back to the restroom. It isn’t like any men’s room I have ever seen, and there is an attendant. My new sugar daddy hands him a huge tip, and the attendant steps outside to guard the door.

This bathroom is swanky with couches and chairs. He immediately pulls me down on a couch, and we start making out. Oh, he is a fantastic kisser! As we are making out, he says, I will make an amazing, intelligent alluring sugar baby.

And, things heat up to boiling from that point! Curious to know all that we did? You have to call me for those details!

Mia Kinky Crew