Naughty mommy can’t help it, even in her dreams

Naughty mommy can never find out what little Robbie does to her while she sleeps.  Little Robbie is only an innocent, curious, growing boy who saw an opportunity.  Actually, how does one find out something like this?  Maybe Robbie isn’t so innocent after all.

Mommy sucks hard

It all started when mommy came home after a night out with her girlfriends.  Sometimes, she parties so hard that she doesn’t even change before bed.  She collapses onto her mattress with her head hanging over the side.

“Poor mommy,” Robbie, thought at first.  “Mommy always said going out was supposed to help her unwind, but she always wakes up with her head all woozy.  If only there were some way to help.”

Then, Robbie came up with a brilliant idea.  He took his pacifier from his mouth and stuck it into hers.  If it helps him, it must help her, right?  Well, she most definitely took to it.   It slipped into mommy’s mouth very quickly, and at first, Robbie was happy.  But, like with many children, buyer’s remorse began to set it.  Now he was down one pacifier.  He began to pull it back out of her mouth only to find out that mommy wouldn’t.  Naughty mommy!  Stealing his passy like that!  It took both hands and three hard pulls to get it out finally.

“Naughty mommy,” he said again out loud.  It wouldn’t be long before he’d be back with a different agenda.

Robbie discovers masturbation

It happens earlier for some than others, but it still happens eventually. When Robbie found out messing with his little birdie felt good, he did it all the time.  Every private moment he had was spent rolling it, tugging on it, teasing it, and watching it make happy little white fireworks when he did it enough.  Humping things seemed to be his favorite.  Especially when what he was humping squeezed him back.

Mommy already yelled at him once about it.  “No, Robbie!  Look at my couch, cushions!  Birdies are for pee-pee only!”

That’s why he had to do it in secret.  Mommy always got mad when he lifts his naughty goo in places.  He didn’t mean to make messes everywhere.  He just needed to put is a place somewhere tight and warm.  Somewhere where it didn’t get all over the place.  Somewhere that would suck it all away.

Robbie’s naughty idea

He pulled the front for his sleepwear down.  He was hard as a rock remembering mommy’s sucking power.  She’d had another long night out with the other mommies, and Robbie knew that she wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon.  It was wrong.  Robbie knew he could never tell mommy the truth.  But he couldn’t help it.  He pressed the head against mommy’s lips.

“Ahhh!” Robbie groaned.  Mommy had slurped him up instantly and to the hilt!  Little Robbie’s hips started to buck uncontrollably as mommy’s tongue wriggled inside of her vacuum-sealed mouth.  His mommy had called what he did ‘naughty cummies!’ once.  “N-naughty cummies…in m-mommy’s suck-mouth!”

So much cummies flowed.

So much more than before.  Robbie’s face fell into mommy’s big, fat titties as he thrust as hard as he could into her cum-draining cum pipe.  Robbie felt like he didn’t have anything left.  She had sucked him so hard.  Uh oh.  Wait a minute.  Mommy won’t let go.  Robbie had dumped so much out of his little birdie, and his mommy was still begging for more.

“Mommy, let go,” he ordered, but mommy was still sucking hard, which got Robbie hard all over again.  “Ooooh.  Mommy wants more.  Well…she did say my birdie was only for pee-pee.”

Drink up, mommy.

Take it all.  It saved him a trip to the toilet.  Mommy won’t mind because mommy wouldn’t remember.  Suck it, mommy.  Every last drop.  Robbie liked hearing it go down her throat so eagerly, too.  Mommy was going to be used like this every night.  It was her own fault.  She’s the one who said Robbie couldn’t make messes anymore.  Now, Robbie never had to make a mess ever again.  Mommy would always be there to slurp every last drop-up.

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