I’d love to be your sexy little sweet maid.

Wearing cute, naughty outfits that show my tight little ass and have these titties squeezed together in my tight corset. I have always been taught the best way to clean a house is with your hands, and that means being down on your hands and knees scrubbing that floor! So I always work my way from top to bottom, standing on my tippy toes in my sexy black stiletto heels, to wipe down the top cupboards and move my way down to the counter, and the lower cabinets and appliances, until I’m down on my knees to deep clean the tile floor

I begin my regular routine.

Dusting the top shelves and for the really low objects bending over putting my sweet ass on display for you, the perfect view from your office hehe. As I move to the kitchen still in your view and I start my top to bottom. Moving my hips with my hand as is wipes away all the dirt and grime… taunting you with my curves and teasing you with my sexy body. I notice you watching and get a little sexier, leaning up against the counter and reaching across the surfaces to reach all the spots. My ass pressed tight against my lace stockings and my tight little thong deep in my crack. Still swaying my hips and hypnotizing you, I make my way down to my knees.

I notice you standing up so you don’t lose sight of me and that really gets me going. I begin moving my entire body, in sexy slow sways, making you follow the pattern in which I’m guiding my hips. I’m making my way from one end to the other, scooting across the floor down on my knees and getting closer to your office.



You realize I’m coming closer to your office.

I’m scooting my way in, ass first of course! I can already tell that cock is rock hard from watching me clean your kitchen hehe am I the sexiest maid you’ve ever wanted to fuck?  Hmm we can definitely keep this little affair a secret from your family…

I’m in the office, still down on my knees when you suddenly grab my hips.. pressing your body tight against mine, that throbbing erection against my ass. It’s so hot between us and you start to take off your pants, still down on my hands and knees and ready to be taken advantage of! Your pants are down around your knees and you begin to slide my skirt and stockings down and over my ass, until its bare and in your face.

I’m already wet and moaning loud when you ram right inside my pussy, unexpected, but everything I’d hoped it would be.

My wetness being more than enough lubrication you start slamming against me. All of sudden you slide all the way out and instead of re-entering my pussy you ram straight into my tight little asshole. “HARDER!” I scream as you begin anally fucking me while we’re both on our knees in your office. As I feel you tense and cum deep inside my ass I have one last moan and we disconnect.

As I lift my upper body up and off the floor, still on my knees legs spread your cum drips out of my ass onto your office floor.

“Don’t worry, I’ll clean this up!” I respond with a giggle.

Sweet Phone Sex