Enter Naughty Little Girl

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The Obsession of Being a Naughty little girl Part 1.

This naughty little girl really wasn’t certain what he meant by “a real one,” but the scent of sweet cherries was so overpowering to me that I couldn’t help myself. I unwrapped that pink cock shaped lollipop and pushed it past my sweet pink lips. It was so yummy that I closed my eyes, and when I opened them I knew exactly what he had meant by “a real one.” Oh Yes, I am a naughty little girl.

Naughty little girl on my knees with a mouth full of sugar

Staring up at this big, tall man with his big thick penis hanging above me. It was already so hard; he must have loved my cute little socks and naughty little girl skirt. It got me thinking about how good this cock-shaped lollipop tasted and if the real thing tasted even better. I let the sucker fall from my lips, my sugary sweet drool following it and rolling down my chin as I took him in my mouth. Maybe it was the sugar high, but his big grown-up dick tasted so good in my little girl mouth!

I was in heaven trying to fit my tiny mouth around his jumbo-sized tool.

He was so nice that he helped me a little by grabbing onto my pigtails to make sure I got all the way down to the base of his meaty shaft like the naughty little girl I am. My little panties were soaked through by the time he had me get up and go into my mommy and daddy’s room. Once there he laid me down on the bed ever so gently and I slipped my pink cotton panties off. He spread my legs and pushed himself inside of me and I think my mind melted a little bit right there.

He was so big and thick, and I am so little and tight.

It hurt, but also felt so good it sent tingles and shivers through my whole body. I couldn’t talk, I could only moan and let out little squeals when he pushed all the way in and I could feel him in my belly. Soon he had both my ankles in one of his big strong hands and was holding my legs behind my head and slamming me with his delicious dick, right there in my parents’ room! I think I am beyond a naughty little girl now boys.

By the time he was done, I had made a big wet spot right below where my little nubile pussy had just gotten its first-ever pounding, but that wasn’t the only mess in the room. He had left me a nice thick creampie. I felt so full and when I looked down, I could see it as well as feel it flowing out of my no longer pristine pussy. I was still laying there when he left and I don’t know how long I did, but when I heard my parents come home, I jumped up and slipped my panties back on.

His cum was leaking out during dinner

It felt so naughty to sit there and eat dinner with them with the neighbor’s cum leaking out into my panties as I was at the dinner table, but it was also so much fun that I couldn’t wait to do it again! I now have two daddies, and one happens to be my neighbor who brings me candy and cock whenever my parents are out of the house.

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