If you didn’t know, I just started being a PSK phone sex Girl 2 months ago. Since then, I’ve been in love with all of you guys; sometimes, I just want to be in a big room with all of you surrounding me and loving me the way you do. So far, I’ve been experiencing so many things that I thought would never happen to me, like getting creampied and such! But I think one of those feelings has been getting the best of me lately, and that’s just being a naughty little girl!

Seriously, can you blame me? Being the center of your attention is every girl’s dream. When my phone rings, I get butterflies every single time! It’s almost like every call is a new way to lose my virginity. On the flip side, I wonder what it’s like for guys who call someone as cute as me for the first time…Do you get nervous?


This obsession first started when I took my first call. I’ve always been told that I have such an innocent sexy voice, but I never knew it would go this far. I role-played as a sexy young naughty little girl that just moved on the block, and my stalking neighbor caught me one day home alone while my parents were out to find some things for dinner. So then he came knocking on my door, but I knew my Daddy always told me not to answer the door when he’s not home, but I was feeling kind of lonely, and he looked pretty nice carrying a basket of candy and toys.


I couldn’t fight the feeling of seeing two of my favorite things in the world! CANDY AND TOYS! So I decided to answer the door, and he greeted me by asking if my parents were home. But I just couldn’t hold my excitement in too much longer, so I asked if I could see his toys! I was so happy that he offered to step in, and I happily let him. Once he stepped in with my gift basket, he locked the door with quickness. He dropped the basket down and told me to go through it to find a surprise… So I did just what he told me to do! And I couldn’t go through the basket without eating almost all of the candy! But then I think I found the surprise I was looking for…


He then started to laugh once I started to hold it up for a closer look. I didn’t even know what it was until he told me… It was a Cock Lollipop! It was pink and really hard and smelled like cherries. I was told to unwrap it and to start licking on it until he shows me “a real one.”  I’m so confused and don’t really know what he’s talking about!

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