StepDaddy Loves My Naughty Lap Dance

Naughty Lap Dance – Having a stepdaddy like Phil can be a handful at times.  And after Daddy caught me giving lap dances last year, we got much closer.  Mom works a lot, so keeping her new husband quiet has kept me very busy.  Every afternoon when I get home from school, I give Daddy Phil a private naughty lap dance before going to work.  When I walk in the door, he’s waiting for me.

I walk over to him, the music starts.  I can tell he’s longing for another naughty lap dance. Dancing for him in my school uniform makes him hot and ready.  Keeping my panties on, I straddle him and rub my hot and tight cunt against his big cock.  Daddy’s cum shoots all over my panties and thighs, and I can’t help how hot it gets me.  Sometimes my pussy is so wet that my panties become soaked with my juices.  Naughty lap dances with Daddy have been making me horny for a long time.

Incest Phone Sex is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Of course, that was a long time ago.  I’m well into adulthood now, and Daddy Phil and I haven’t played in a long time. When I got the call asking if I’d like to get together that weekend, I was surprised.  Phil was going to be in town for business.

Rushing home from work, I couldn’t help getting a little excited.  Phil had got into town earlier.  I left a key for him in the lobby, so he was already there.  As I walked inside, I could hear Phil on the phone.  “Don’t worry, Chanel and I will be fine tonight.”  Daddy turned around and smiled even as he motioned me closer with a finger.  “Your mom says I should make sure to give you a kiss for her,” his words made my pussy gush with hot juice.  As I stood in front of him, he put his finger to my lips.  Leaning forward, he licked my lips, and his finger moved down.  My naughty lap dance definitely got Daddy going.

As he kissed me, he unbuttoned my white blouse.  With my shirt gaping open, he pulled my tits out of my bra.  His hot mouth sucked a nipple in as his hands moved under my skirt.  Before I knew how it happened, his pants were gone, then he whispered in my ear, “You want Daddy to fill that hot cunt don’t you?”.   Nodding my head, gasping when he yanked my panties down.  “I missed you, Daddy,” the words fell from my lips.  My naughty lap dance was getting me in deep trouble.

Erotic Fantasy Calls Can Include a Naughty Lap Dance

Daddy Phil grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his cock.  Stroking his hot and hard flesh made me moan in pleasure.  His big hands gripped my ass and lifted me.  My legs wrapped around his waist as his cock slid deep into my hot cunt.  It was as though my hot hole was welcoming him home.  Our combined orgasmic screams filled the room.  As I fell back, I couldn’t help feeling grateful yet again for Daddy Phil. Of course, naughty lap dance fun was just what we both needed.