My favorite holiday of the year is here! I love the fun of Halloween. Only a couple of my grandkids are young enough to trick or treat. Their favorite house is Granny’s house because I have the best treats. Tonight will be busy with all the neighborhood kids stopping by for the yummy sweets and I am handing out tons of it. Little do I know it will be a Naughty Halloween Night before it is over.

The kids are shuffling through the neighborhood and it has been busy tonight. I normally don’t get to hand out all my candy but my bowls are almost empty. The costumes are fantastic and all the kids have been happy and laughing all night. Some moms have been creating their kid’s costumes and they were amazing. Believing we are done, the knock on my door is a surprise.

Opening my door, I see an adult in full costume, looks like my Naughty Halloween Night is happening now!

Furthermore, he isn’t introducing himself to me as someone I know. He is wearing the costume of a mummy with his entire body and head covered, only his lips are exposed. I find this intriguing and go along with his fun. Inviting him in, I offer him a drink. He isn’t speaking, so I am not able to recognize his voice. Looks like this is going to be one of my Juicy Sex Stories!

Bring on the Naughty Halloween Night fun! Granny is ready to rock his world. Therefore, when he is in the house, I don’t hesitate in asking him to come to my bedroom. He still isn’t speaking but shakes his head, yes, following me to the bedroom. It is kind of creepy in a fun way that I don’t know who he is and creepy in a scary way too. That is what is making it so hot!

I love experimenting and this is a first!

Once we are in my bedroom, I start doing a striptease for my ghoulish guest. His crotch shows his approval as it is growing hard. Smiling, I walk over and start rubbing my hands all over his mummy body. I am not mistaken, those are some nice muscles under his costume and that cock bulge is huge. Oh, what a wonderful naughty Halloween night surprise!

He was thinking ahead, his costume opens at the crotch without exposing the rest of his body or face. I still am unable to identify my guest and at this point, I don’t care. He is kissing my neck and wrapping those mummy hands around my neck. I have no idea if he is a friend or foe at this point and I am going with it. Talk about one hell of an experience for my GILF phone sex!

As he is caressing me with those huge hands, I realize he is not a foe.

His big mummy hands are gentle as he is exploring my body. I am getting down on my knees so that I can face that big dick. As I am pulling it out I see it is fucking huge and so nice. Hit the jackpot for this sexy granny on a naughty Halloween night! My excitement is bubbling as I start working that pecker.

When he is moaning it adds to the fun of his mummy costume. I can’t help chuckling at the irony of it. He is limited with his mummy hands on my body, unable to slip those wrapped fingers anywhere I would like. Bummer. That is okay though, I keep the fun going with my monster blow job on that gargantuan cock.

We continue making out for some time, and I am getting wetter and wetter.

We are enjoying each other’s bodies. It is weird as he is trying to direct me without speaking. Luckily, I am well versed in a non-verbal man’s behavior and know what he wants. Laying on the bed, he caresses my body and places his exposed lips on my sexy pussy. Those lips are expert level as they are working my tight cunt.

Now is my turn to moan as he is using his tongue in such wonderful ways. I can feel his erection pressing against my leg and I am so excited to feel him inside me. He is taking his time and then without warning flips me over. His strong hands pinning me down, as his attitude takes a turn towards aggressive.

Curious to hear more, call me and I will give you all the naughty details!

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