I am adamant about getting my workouts almost every day. First of all, working out gives me a great high and have you seen me? Most noteworthy, the workouts help me to be fucking gorgeous! If I get juicy sex stories from working out too, it is a win-win for all involved! Therefore, when I get both with my new trainer Allison it is all good.

Allison is a hands-on trainer. So, as we start our session she is showing me my muscle tone and what we can make better. Even more all over my body with her hands on my skin. When she touched me the first time, I felt a jolt of electricity between us and by the look on her face, so did she.

Workouts leading to juicy sex stories are the best.

I am meeting Allison at our gym for today’s workout. As I walk in, I am saying my hellos to all the regulars. Stopping to chat with a few of my favorite guys. Super sexy gym rats, I love them. Seeing Allison across the building, I wave so she knows I am here for our session. She waves back and goes back to the client she is with.

Heading to the locker room, I get out of my street shoes. We have only had a couple session and I am extremely impressed with the information Allison is providing to improve my workouts. She is amazing. Let alone the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous. Nice tits, with a sexy bubble butt!

I am a sucker for a beautiful bubble butt on a girl!

Allison is a great example to her clients. She is faithfully on time, works out herself here at the gym, and shares with us a wealth of information to not only improve our workouts but our other habits as well. She has told me she is a great cook. Consequently, I thought I would suggest a hangout with us and her cooking at my place.

She comes over and we start our session. As we are working through the circuit we are discussing the attributes of certain foods for my body and the best ways to cook them. Perfect lead-in for me to invite her over to cook a meal. I ask her if she would be open to coming over and she says yes. Nice!

It is the day of our cooking lesson, hence I am nervous.

I am not sure she feels the same but I am hoping that is the case. I love lesbian sex and have since my teen sister sex days. Rather nervous about tonight, I have changed three times. Therefore, the food is all ready for our cooking lesson and I am so excited to have her here to myself. I hear the doorbell and go to let her in.

When I open the door, there she is looking absolutely ravishing. She is dressed in a provocative outfit and has two bottles of wine in her hands. Hence, it looks like it will be creating juicy sex stories tonight. Yes, she is feeling the same as me. Certainly, my pussy is starting to get wet already. What a night we are going to have!

In the kitchen, we are constantly touching hands.

As we are switching places, she is rubbing her breasts on my back. I feel that electricity throughout my body and lean back into her. Wrapping her arms around me, she kisses my neck. Turning around, I kiss her in a passionate embrace. We go to the floor and are quickly undressing each other.

She smells intoxicating. We are exploring each others’ bodies and I suck on those incredible breasts. She is using her tongue on my body and it is exquisite. This is obviously not her first time with a woman or being a part of juicy sex stories. We get into position and bring each other to climax, squirting our sweet pussy juice all over each other.

What an incredible evening we had. Certainly, nights like this add to my amazing abilities as a GILF phone sex operator. Therefore, sharing my life experiences adds to the fun we have on the phone!