Kyle is an incredible guy. He is intelligent, confident and intuitive. These qualities are what make him such a great man to date. We have so much fun together. It doesn’t matter if we are just watching movies, out for dinner or at home being naughty. He is a master at bringing me to a hands-free orgasm!

The conversations we have are absolutely awesome. Because Kyle is intelligent and knows what is going on in the world, we talk for hours about the world and all that is happening. Consequently, that is how the first hands-free orgasm happened. During one of our first naughty phone conversations.

Kyle told me to lay my hands at my side.

At first, I not playing along. I was turned on and wanted to cum, so I was playing with myself. When he asked again if I was touching myself, I told him the truth. He said, “Stop” and I listened. Kyle has the sexiest voice and he uses it to bring me to that hands-free orgasm.

He starts with a description of what he is doing to me as I lay there, allowing him to tantalize my body. Kyle starts at my head, playing with my hair, kissing my skin and then passionately kissing me on the lips. As he is describing this, my pussy is getting very wet. Knowing exactly how to touch me, we continue.

A hands-free orgasm may sound like an ancient myth, but I promise it is very real!

As we continue, Kyle is undressing me. He uses his hands, tongue, lips and entire body to truly seduce me. Touching me in places he knows will get me even more excited. He also loves a little tease and denial. Backing off slightly from the seduction to let me sit there in agony wanting so much more.

Then, without warning, he is back at the seduction. Using his incredible voice to guide me back to the edge. All the while he is doing this, I lay there obediently, with my hands at my sides. Every instinct tells me to touch myself. I know how to make myself cum and cum quickly. All of this is giving me so much more to use for my granny phone sex!

Waiting is part of the fun.

Kyle has worked his way down my body. He is at my belly button, gently kissing it and making my cunt twitch with excitement. Continuing down, he describes each step with insane detail, making my pussy drip with desire. Inside my mind, I am wondering how many women have gotten to experience Kyle’s gifts.

These thoughts turn me on even more! Kyle seducing women with his silver tongue. I see the women laying beside me, as he does the same for all of us. The idea of a row of women, arms at their sides as this man teases each of us closer and closer to orgasm, makes me want it even more!

How did he learn this skill and who do I thank for such gifts?

Edging me closer, Kyle gets to my pussy and ass. Using his tongue and hands to guide me to an insane climax. Part of me wants to use my hands but I have come this far, I want him to get me to the orgasm. I am writhing and ready as he describes his next steps. This is fun may make it into my juicy sex stories, maybe.

I know your dick is hard with anticipation and I want to help you take care of that. If you want to know more, call me!

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