I love my grandkids so much. Growing up in my family I was always being taught the value of family love. For generations, we have been sharing “special” love. Family-play, age-play, it is all part of our world. My parents carrying on the traditions and teaching us how much fun sex is between family. Learning from my grandma I am becoming the ultimate Naughty Granny Accomplice.

Sharing this with my grandkids is a gift. Giving them time to decide is imperative in our family. We are never forcing anyone to things they don’t want to do. By starting young, teaching them the joys of sexual arousal they are all about loving fun sex. Approaching them about playing with outsiders was an easy call.

Branching out my naughty granny accomplice fun is awesome!

Therefore when some of my older friends started approaching me for playtime with the kids, I knew it was a good idea. My grandkids are the sweetest of treats for my friends. Arranging the fun and participating as an accomplice is bringing me so much pleasure. Most of the guys know the kids, making it very comfortable for all parties. Now, the younger one is still pretty new to sexual play so he will be doing less.

Hal is asking for my granddaughters and they are all in. He is mature and fun, they love hanging out with him at the pool. When I brought the option to them, they were ready that day. Of course, arranging the time and place has to be done, so today is not an option ladies. Be patient with your naughty granny accomplice, the fun is coming.

As an accomplice, I am providing sweet playthings and guidance.

Above all, I am there guiding the adults making sure my grandkids are safe and sound. The kids have a million questions. My youngest granddaughter is cock obsessed, can’t get enough of them. Now, she hasn’t been fucked yet but she is all about oral. Granny is teaching her some amazing skills to use during the coming sessions. Her sister is good at all of it, including eating granny.

When I am online giving GILF phone sex, I share the naughty details of our fun together. I don’t leave out any details when we do a session. When you are ready, I am here to share. Now, back to the fun with the girls. They are buying new sexy lingerie to wear for Hal. He is getting so excited and struggling to wait. The time is coming and he will get his nut.

A few of my friends want the boys, so they will have them.

The couple that lives a few houses away from me want my grandsons. The boys are young to teen and they are all ready to play. They love the Hendersons and enjoy hanging out at the park with them. Joe and Rita are all about fun. Nothing is taboo with these two and the boys are so excited for their night with them. I am too, because seeing Rita suck their young cocks will be so hot!

She and Joe will be sucking them off. Of course, they expect the same from the boys. All of us are playing during this naughty granny accomplice night. I am excited to be with them and share the boys. Joe and Rita are sexy for mature people. Nice bodies, big tits, and fine ass dick. Joe is hung like a horse and loves to swing that cock.

Sharing my grandkids is so naughty and hot!

Family time only is really good too! Grandma Incest Tales gives you a few of the details of the nasty fun with our family. Summer vacation is all about loving time with the kids. Traveling to amazing places and fucking while there. Teaching the kids any place can be sensual and naughty.

Our circle is small, as I only trust a few people. We are a close-knit group with our little secrets. The other families offer up their kids and grandkids as well. We love sharing them with each other and making our sessions fun. Some of the naughty granny accomplice gals sell their grandkids to the highest bidder, not me. I want them to enjoy themselves and they will.

Are you ready to play with them, call me!

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