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Family play is a big tradition for our clan!

My husband knows my history and he was more than happy to carry on the tradition with our kids and now grandkids. He and I are divorced now. It is great we both get to have our playtime with the grandkids. Each of us gets our time over the summer with the kids. During that time, for me, the grandkids and I have a full schedule of fun planned out. The city has so many fun things to get out and do, so we get out and go, go, go!

Whether we are going to big parks for hiking and water fun, or local museums. The kids are loving the ability to use the woods and find secluded spots to get naughty. Usually, I am the voyeur when we are outdoors. Comfortable blankets on the grass making the perfect pallet for them to lay on and play creating grandma incest tales. Being naked in the sun and doing naughty things together, they giggle and moan with joy!

These grandma incest tales are loving memories for the kids they will always have.

I am happily the voyeur while the kids are exploring each other. Watching them I get so turned on and use the toys I bring along on myself. Getting to cum outside in the sun is fucking amazing! I love it and so do the kids. Just like my siblings, these guys are very close to each other. Two boys and a girl, and they love playing with each other fully. My grandsons are open to sucking cock with the best of them.

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What a gorgeous day it is as we get ready to go to the park!

The kids are so excited for our first day out this year. I am packing all the supplies while they get snacks ready. Our choice today is a rural park in the Northern part of the state. It is huge and most trips we don’t even see other people. Of course, with our plans for today, that is the best place for us. We wind our way throughout the park until I find the perfect nook to have our fun.

I have the kids take the blankets and create their pallet on the grass. Taking the cooler out of the trunk, I set the snacks aside for lunch. Once everything is set up, the kids start making out. Each one gives me a big french kiss before they all settle on the pallet. Slowly, they begin undressing each other. As they do they explore each other’s bodies. Instantly, my nipples are rock hard. My pussy is tingling and getting wet quickly. Our day is going to be amazing!

Curious about what happened on our field trip? All you have to do is call, and I will reveal all the naughty details!

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