Naughty Gal That Does Not Listen And Talks Back

“Naughty gal!  What is wrong with you?  Your ears don’t work, Miss?”

OMG (eye-roll)!  Have you ever had sensory overload?  Then autopilot cuts off and you find yourself in the danger zone?  IKR, not your ideal GFE (girlfriend experience) phone sex.

Zoned Out

No, this naughty gal is not high.  Nope, I didn’t intend to tune you out.  I really tried to remain engaged and didn’t mean to whine.  But I thought you liked it when I whine and pout?  You enjoy seeing me confused and flushed.  Sadly, it was not that cock that did this to me.

No excuses, I could hear you.  I just wasn’t listening.  I wanted to, but for some unknown reason, I found myself in a disassociated state.  Was I triggered?  Stress normally makes me horny and increases our intensity and passion.  For some unknown reason, I missed all of the context clues and could not process just how to manipulate this session into a victorious stress reliever for you.

Talks Back

This naughty gal makes no excuses.  It is what it is.  Catch me during a good bid and I might just take you on a magic ride.  Turn around and roll up on me after a nightmare in plain sight with no recuperation time, and I might just ride on cruise control and forget to pump my breaks.  Be happy I didn’t snap at you.  Who knows what sorta grip this snapping turtle has under duress.

That mouth might be quick.  The wit may just be slick.  All you need to know is that I am about to throw this sweet juicy pussy on you, so forget the rest.  It isn’t even you that I am fussing at.  Pay me no mind.  I could care less about the pillows on the couch being re-arranged or that you still have your shoes on past the threshold.  At this very moment, I just want you to be my soundboard, my punching bag, and hold me tight.  Do not let me go.  Hear my cry for help.  I need you to fix all of my problems and let this pressure off my back.

Get Yo Ass Back Here!

Where the fuck do you think you are going?  I ain’t done with you!  Listen here, and hear me well.  Naughty gal’s need a place that is safe to vent.  Let me cry it out.  Drum it out of me.  Take this bs I’m sending your way and turn that shit into the sunshine.

You know I am not normally violent.  So please don’t leave me.  I’m a hot darn mess and can’t see straight.  Be my sturdy lover in the midst of this storm brewing inside of me.  Be happy this naughty gal chose you.  I could be fucking around getting naughty with your brother, daddy, boss man, or even the pastor.  I know I’m a naughty gal and you are in my world.  Sat down over there in that chair and take the slaps, aggressive kisses, and sly comments about yo momma’s cooking.

I’m really just tired, frustrated, and heartbroken.  Fix me!  I’m in dire need of repair.  All talked out.  Just give me that good dick.  Fuck me to sleep.  Then hold me like you never want to let me go.  This naughty gal has talked back enough.  I surrender to your love and affection.  Please love me.  I love you!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke