Girlfriend Experience: Working For The Weekend Edition

#GFE aka the girlfriend experience can be quite pleasant.  We all have something we work towards and long for.  Sadly most of us work hard all week, just to be exhausted on our day-off.  Waiting to live a little can be stressful.  “Working for the Weekend” is what they call it.  Having a great companion or accomplice is a wonderful way to break the monotony.  So, do not save all of your fun for your day off.

Workout-Shower Sex

For me, the girlfriend experience includes taking showers together.  Including as many activities as possible that involve us touching one another in an intimate fashion is grande.  Let’s get dirty first with a 45-minute workout.  Those duck squats and deadlifts have my rump looking tasty.  Get your heart rate up and listen to me breathe as if we were truly getting it in.

After our workout, hike, couples dance class, turn on the shower and let’s get naked.  Rub, caress, massage, and soap me down.  It is okay if your cock slips in as the water rinses away the suds.  The soap will not be the only thing foaming in that shower.  Fill me up with you seamen.


The ultimate girlfriend experience could be all so simple as a cup of coffee or a sweet note in your work bag.  I’ll grind your beans for you and serve them up nice and hot.  Do not fret, I am bold and strong.  I’ll wake you to a bit of frothing at your penis.  Then guzzle you down the hatch as if I needed that cum shot just to function.

There are some that compare morning sex to a shot of espresso.  Then there are others that would say that dropping that load is draining and exhausting.  I love you, Babe.  No matter how it feels when I extract your seminal fluid from you, I will restore your energy.  We can laugh, giggle, and just be silly with one another over a morning cup of Joe.

Date Night

One thing is for sure, watching movies with me is like no other.  Let’s pop popcorn and load up on snacks.  This girlfriend experience will have you shouting at the characters in a reality TV show as if it was a sporting event.  We can do trivia night at the local coffee shop or have friends over to challenge you in a game of Scrabble.  Who knows what might happen while we are watching porn together and trying out our newest toys.

Date night could be anything.  Just give me a couple of hours, and I will help you put that new go-kart together then take it for a spin.  On a snowy day, find a hill to sled down.  I won’t tell anyone about your little snowman indiscretion.  #GFE is where it is at.  Make me your bestie and take me to the bar to watch college basketball.  Then throw me over your shoulder and tote me out because I was a bit too animated and those tits were making you hungry for sex.  We do not have to wait for the weekend to have fun.  With me as your gal, the girlfriend experience is every day.

What’s your ideal girlfriend experience? Chat with me about it on the best phone sex hotlines there are. Engage in the ultimate girlfriend experience.  After all, falling in love with me is easy to do.

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